Customer slammed for joke on pizza order receipt: 'Cringe'

A customer has been savaged after they shared a joke they played on their local pizza place.

Sharing a photo of a receipt for a takeaway pizza on Reddit, the customer said they had fun with the delivery driver by adding special instructions for when they drop the order off.

"Just knock on the door and leave there and return to your shop without looking back," the instructions read.

"The mere sight of me can blind the eyes of mortal men and my presence has a disastrous effect on the local wildlife if I am exposed to the outside world for too long.

"Some things were not meant to be made or seen but just 'are' regardless. I am such a thing.

"Also I don't want to wear pants and the quicker I can grab it without flagging my neighbours in my boxers the better."

A receipt for a pizza order with special instructions.
The customer was slammed for the special instructions they left on the order. Source: Reddit

People however were less than impressed by the joke, including some who were pizza delivery drivers.

"As a delivery driver I can confirm that no one read this," one said bluntly.

"This is just a long way to say I don't wanna tip," another said of the delivery instructions.

"If anything it's worth a quick glance, and then a, 'Ughh, this loser better tip..." a third added.

"Spent a lot of time working in pizza kitchens and doing delivery. The people who think they're the funniest often think that their cute joke is as good as gold."


Another simple said the joke was "cringe" and urged the customer to order a pizza "like a normal person".

It comes as another pizza customer sparked outrage with the order they received from their local pizza restaurant.

Posting a photo of the pizza on Reddit, the customer said it was the extra cheese pizza they had ordered.

However it appeared the pizza restaurant had bucked tradition, and instead of covering the pizza with shredded cheese, it seemed as though they had just melted some Kraft Singles on top.

People on Reddit were outraged by the pizza the customer received, with one saying it looked like they ordered it from Subway.

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