Fierce debate breaks out over photo of Vegemite on toast

If there’s one thing you don’t mess with, it’s Vegemite lovers and how they enjoy the Aussie condiment on toast.

And now a fierce debate has broken out online, after one person on Reddit shared a photo showing all the different ways people spread their Vegemite on bread, with each different thickness labelled accordingly.

Vegemite on toast
This photo of Vegemite on toast has everyone up in arms. Photo: Reddit

In a post simply titled ‘Straya’, a man who goes by the name ‘smileedude’ started the conversation by uploading the snap alongside the caption: “Your answer to this should be mandatory information on your Tinder profile”.

130 people have so far commented on the thread, with everyone revealing which number they are and how thick they like their Vegemite on toast.

“5 or 6 are the only acceptable answers. Everyone who chooses something else is wrong and should feel bad,” one person said.

“If you answer anything lower than a 5, you should have your citizenship revoked and shipped out of here immediately,” another Vegemite lover commented.

 A true Aussie icon - Vegemite pictured with its partner toast. Invented by Food Technologist Dr. Cyril P. Callister using yeast waste left over from breweries. Aussies have grown to love it....others are not quite sure.
Vegemite is an Aussie staple. Photo: Getty Images

“Four, but I’d accept three with lots of butter if someone else made it for me,” a Reddit user said.

Others disagreed with everyone saying that they “just spoon it into their mouth” and one person saying they wouldn’t eat any of them without butter.

“Who puts it on bread? Cut out the middle man…,” one person said.

According to Lifehacker, the best way to enjoy Vegemite on toast is to pick the best bread you can find, don’t go overboard with the Vegemite and top it with cheese.

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