Outrage over 'confusing' detail on customer's takeaway pizza

A customer has shared a picture revealing a strange detail on a takeaway pizza they ordered with extra cheese.

Posting a photo of the pizza on Reddit, the customer said it was the extra cheese pizza they had ordered.

However, it appeared the pizza restaurant had bucked tradition, and instead of covering the pizza with shredded cheese, it seemed as though they had just melted some Kraft Singles on top.

People on Reddit were outraged by the pizza the customer received, with one saying it looked like they ordered it from Subway.

A pizza with processed cheese on top.
The pizza with extra cheese disappointed the customer. Source: Reddit

"Honestly the crust looks pretty good though, which is confusing why the toppings were so poorly done," one said.

"That's one way to not get a repeat customer," another added.

"Yeah this looks like the worst pizza I’ve ever seen in my life," a third said.


Another Redditor said they did not think it was possible to "mess up" a pizza, while somebody else simply said, "That's a processed cheese product".

The customer's strange pizza topping comes after Domino's polarised Aussie fans with a new topping.

In July, the pizza giant shared a video of the team experimenting with a pantry staple – baked beans.

Instead of starting with tomato paste, the Domino’s team covered the dough with shredded cheese before spooning out the baked beans and topping it all off with pepperoni slices and some thick-cut ham.

The result was shared on Instagram alongside the question, “Is this a blessing or a crime?”

A Domino's pizza with baked beans on top.
The Domino's team shocked with a new experiment. Source: Instagram

Queensland Police were swift to label it as the latter, commenting, “Can confirm a crime has been committed,” while Heinz, whose beans were used for the mashup, defended it as a blessing, asking, “How do we order one?”

Fans of the fast food pizza chain were equally divided with one person describing it as the “reason why Australia should bring back capital punishment,” and another saying “This is attempted murder charges on anyone who eats this.”

However, there was also a strong chorus of “Hell yeah”s among the comments, along with a fair few people saying, “Where can I get me one?” and “Add this to the menu”.

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