Mum praised for Kmart organisation hack using $1.75 item: 'Brilliant'

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A savvy mum has come up with the perfect Kmart hack to organise her children’s Lego pieces.

Louise Paterson shared on a popular Facebook group that she uses Kmart’s giant ice cube trays to keep everything tidy.

L: A set of drawers. R: Kmart basket being taken around the store
A savvy mum has delighted with her organisation tips. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor & Getty

“Thought I would share my use for the Kmart ice cube trays — they make great Lego sorting trays. Cheap & so easy to sort through small parts,” she wrote.

Sharing some photos of her neat Lego system, the mum showed how she uses the trays to sit snugly in drawers.

Each ice cube slot holds Lego pieces that are similar shapes or colours to keep everything organised.


Louise also shared that it wasn’t easy to meticulously sort through her children’s Lego pieces.

“It has taken me a while! But [it] feels so much better,” she commented.

The giant ice cube trays sell at Kmart for just $1.75 each and come with six compartments.

L: Images of Kmart's giant ice cube trays against a white background. R: Kmart's giant ice cube trays sitting in a drawer with Lego inside
Other mums couldn't believe how tidy the Lego looked. Photo: Kmart & Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

It wasn’t long before other members of the group were planning to copy the ‘brilliant idea’.

“Mind blown! We even have similar drawers,” a mum commented.

“This is great! I have those drawers but the ice cube trays [are] another level!” a second wrote.

“Omg, can you please come and sort our Lego into neat drawers like that?” another remarked.

“Oh how I wish my kids wanted their Lego sorted like this! I have tried a few different methods, it makes me so happy to see it all sorted. However, apparently for husband and kids this makes it hard to see, so they tip it all out!” a frustrated mum added.

L: A set of colourful hats made from Kmart tea towels. R: A Kmart shop
A savvy mum has turned Kmart tea towels into stylish hats. Photo: Facebook & Getty

Mum’s unique tea towel hack

This comes after another mum shared her unusual use for Kmart’s tea towels — turning them into beautiful hats.

Elaborating on her process in the comments, the mum said that each hat was made out of two tea towels. The cheapest printed tea towels sell on Kmart’s website for $1.75 each, meaning it only cost the savvy mum a total of $3.50 per hat.

If you wanted an even better bargain, the store often discounts end-of-line tea towels to just $0.50!

After being asked multiple times what pattern she used, the mum shared that she went off the “flosstyle ultimate bucket hat” pattern.

Frances said that it wasn’t too hard to make the hats, and was soon praised for her innovative idea.

“Omg you’re so clever, wish I could make this. They look amazing,” a mum gushed.

“Bloody brilliant,” a member said, while another added: “You’re a genius!”.

“They are a great affordable substitute from buying fabric at Spotlight etc!” a group member pointed out.

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