Mum transforms Kmart side tables into stylish planters: 'Brilliant!'

Who knew Kmart furniture could be so versatile! Not all upcycling is hard work; sometimes you just have to think outside the box.

"Had these tables for ages, then an idea struck me!" Adelaide mum Katrina wrote on the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook group.

She was so thrilled with her discovery that she also shared it on the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia page.

"Turn them upside and bam! Fill with plants!" Katrina said in the second post.

Two wooden Kmart tables at left; at right, the larger one is shown flipped over to hold an artificial palm.
A flipping brilliant idea! Katrina flipped her larger Kmart table to make a planter. Photo: Supplied

Flipping brilliant idea

Katrina earned more than 3000 likes and 700 comments for her simple but effective idea.

"Did you flip them upside down? I absolutely love this idea," one person asked.

"Sure did! It took me 12 months to think of it!" Katrina replied.

"How brilliant. Love those light bulb moments," one follower wrote.

"Ohhhh great idea! Almost got rid of mine, but I’ll be keeping them now! Thanks for the tip!" another added.

"Wow, what a great idea; that looks great. I didn't realise those tables were hollow when you turn them upside down," one mum wrote.

However, the original poster replied only the large table was hollow.

Set of two oak look tables, $52 from Kmart, shown in a loungeroom setting, with cream carpet and cream beanbags and cushion, potted plant, candles and fragrance sticks.
The set of two oak-look tables is $52 from Kmart. Photo: Kmart

What about the water?

Some followers worried the material would quickly rot from watering and damp.

Katrina is using an artificial plant, but it was a good reminder to others.

Many thought the idea was genius.

Katrina, a mum of four kids and two step-kids, and grandma of four, revealed she came up with it by accident.

"I had my plants sitting on them, but I was never happy with the way it looked!" the Adelaide mum told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I started thinking what I could do. I turned the larger one upside down to discover it was hollow and filled it with my artificial plants!

"I was looking for something to match my decor and it was staring at me the whole time. Such a simple easy hack and now I love it!"

Blown away by the response

While the self-employed cleaner is a member of these groups, she does not regularly try home styling and upcycling.

"I don’t actually do much DIY, this was just an ah-ha moment," Katrina revealed.

Nonetheless, group members loved her ingenuity.

And what did Katrina think of all the responses?

"I was absolutely blown away," she told us. "I truly didn’t think I would get that amount of response!"

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