Kmart shopper reveals 'genius' hack for saving money on shoes

With living costs increasing, many Aussie families are looking for ways to save money while still buying what's needed.

One tip for getting something nice and not paying top dollar for it is for adults is to shop in the kids' department.

"Did you know that a size 6 kids shoe is the same as a size 7/8 women's????" a Queensland woman wrote in a Facebook group for Kmart fans.

A lady's feet wearing childrens' boots from Kmart
The Kmart shopper shared a photo of the kids' boots she bought for herself. Photo: Facebook

"I've known this for a few years now and always buy the kids boots. 1 because they are cooler and 2 they are normally a little bit cheaper too.

"You're welcome," she added.

Members of the group loved the tip.


"I did not know this, thank you for the tip, am going to use this new information wisely," one person wrote.

"Omg!! That is genius!!" another added.

"Does this mean I can buy light up and glitter shoes!!" a third commented.

Adult and child's shoes
If your feet are the right size you can save money by buying shoes made for kids. Photo: Getty Images

Many others in the group had used the tip before.

"This is awesome! Especially when it comes to sneakers - depending on the style I can wear a kids size 5 or 6. Much more fun designs & much cheaper!!" one shopper wrote.

"I bought kids size 6 gumboots for $10 instead of paying $22 for ladies size 9," another revealed.

"I've known this for more than half my life hahaha... wanted a pair of sneakers over $200 adult, same shoe slight design change in pattern kids $80, uh yeh kids for sure!" another added.

"I do this with Nike shoes. I wear a youth size 5 and they are around $99 a pair. Women's size I wear a size 6 or sometimes smaller and they start at $179. Nike have most of the same colours and styles for kids and adults," another group member shared.

While some argued about size conversions, a lady with insider knowledge weighed in.

"Yep it's because junior size 1-5 boys and girls are actually mens sizes. The variation often is in the width of the shoes which is why it is an inconsistent conversion. My husband works for a popular footwear company."

But not everyone was happy that the secret was out.

"Shhhh... now everyone's gonna now my little secret hack!!!" commented one shopper.

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