Mum praised for clever Kmart hack using $3.50 item: 'Brilliant'

A mum has been praised for her ‘clever’ Kmart hack using just two tea towels.

Sharing to a popular Facebook group, Frances Ryan proudly showed how she transformed the cheap tea towels into beautiful hats.

L: A stack of bucket hats made with Kmart tea towels. R: Outside of a Kmart shop in Australia
A savvy mum has turned Kmart tea towels into stylish hats. Photo: Facebook & Getty

“A stack of hats made from the ever versatile Kmart tea towel,” she wrote in the caption.

Elaborating on her process in the comments, the mum said that each hat was made out of two tea towels. The cheapest printed tea towels sell on Kmart’s website for $1.75 each, meaning it only cost the savvy mum a total of $3.50 per hat.

If you wanted an even better bargain, the store often discounts end-of-line tea towels to just $0.50!


After being asked multiple times what pattern she used, the mum shared that she went off the “flosstyle ultimate bucket hat” pattern.

Frances said that it wasn’t too hard to make the hats, and was soon inundated with requests from other mums wanting to buy her creations.

“She should have an Etsy page!” one mum said about the beautiful designs.

“Please say you sell these, I’d love to buy some from my son,” another added.

“Do you make and sell hats? They are so cute, I’d love to purchase if you do!”

Two images of brightly patterned tea towels against a white background
Kmart has a large range of colourful tea towels at only $1.75 each. Photo: Kmart

Other mums praised Frances for her innovative idea.

“Omg you’re so clever, wish I could make this. They look amazing,” a mum gushed.

“Bloody brilliant,” a member said, while another added: “You’re a genius!”.

“They are a great affordable substitute from buying fabric at Spotlight etc!” a group member pointed out.

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