Mum's 'inappropriate' outfit for school pick up divides: 'Too much skin'

Many people defended the TikToker's outfit choice.

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A mum of two has sparked fierce debate after she shared a video of the ‘inappropriate’ outfit she wanted to wear when picking up her children from school. The TikToker, who often posts about her family on their joint account, said her husband asked her to change.

While some people claimed Elaine was showing off “too much skin”, others slammed her husband for criticising the outfit. In the TikTok, she stood in her bedroom showing off a fashionable red summery two-piece set.

Two photos of TikToker Elaine Hampson posing for the camera
TikToker Elaine Hampson has sparked debate with her 'inappropriate' school pick-up outfit. Photo: TikTok/hampsonfamily

The crop top hung off her shoulders and cinched in the middle to show off her figure, with her high-waisted skirt finishing around mid-thigh length. Although a section of her midriff was showing, the skirt covered her belly button area.

The bubbly blonde twirls for the camera while a voiceover plays, saying: “I was going to pick up my kid from school and my husband told me this outfit was inappropriate.”

The video then cuts to a shot of Elaine wearing a sparkly black wrap dress that covers her from head to toe, as she goes to check if her new outfit is acceptable.

“Babe, I changed my outfit,” she tells him. “What do you think?”


The TikToker revealed her husband approved of her second outfit, but many asked why his opinion mattered when it came to her outfit choices.

“The first one was cute. Nothing having out inappropriately. Very summery,” one person pointed out.

“No man should tell you what to wear,” another added.

Two screenshots of the Hampson Family's TikTok, showing Elaine Hampson in a red two piece outfit and a long black wrap dress
Many people sided with the mum, saying that there was nothing wrong with her original outfit. Photo: TikTok/hampsonfamily

“You should have worn whatever you wanted,” a third chimed in.

“Hahaha I’m the worst, I would have changed into a more skimpy one haha, maybe that’s why I have two failed marriages,” another remarked.

Elaine hinted that she wasn’t fully on the same page as her husband, replying to one particular comment.

“Oh no, first one is the best,” the comment read, to which she replied, “I agree”.


However, there were some people who backed up her husband’s comments, with a TikToker saying she was ‘attention-seeking’.

“I’m sorry to say this, but I agree with your husband. It showed too much skin. It was very cute, though,” said one.

“Obviously inappropriate…if you can’t wear it IN the school you shouldn’t wear it going to the school,” another agreed.

“I agree with the husband…there’s a time and place for the first one,” a third added.

“You’re gorg obvs. But, I do think it’s inappropriate for school. That said, each to their own. Do you, bb & take all the opinions w/a grain of salt,” another suggested.

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