Woman's cheating ex-husband exposed before second wedding

Finding out that your ex has moved on is a tough blow to take in normal circumstances — but imagine discovering that said ex had hooked up with their current squeeze while you were still together.

That’s exactly what happened to Nikyta Moreno when she came across a wedding announcement in The New York Times in early August. It wasn’t just any old wedding but one between her ex-husband, Robert, and his new partner, Lauren.

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A woman has discovered that her ex-husband cheated on her while they were still married. Photo: Getty Images.

Intrigued, professional dancer Nikyta read on only to find that the soon-to-be-married couple had reportedly met in January 2017. Robert, a fitness entrepreneur, had also apparently never been married.

“That was news to me — because I was his wife in January 2017,” Nikyta told The New York Post.

Nikyta, 30, explained that she and Robert had officially divorced in January 2018 after separating in March 2017 — three months after he’d coupled up with Lauren.

Before reading about it in The Times, Nikyta says she ‘never exactly understood’ why Robert had abruptly called off their marriage after less than a year and a half as husband and wife.

After meeting at the gym seven years ago the pair said ‘I do’ in a civil ceremony in December 2015 and was planning a big bash in August 2017 in Robert’s hometown of Dallas, Texas.


Screenshot of an amendment to The New York Times wedding announcement of Robert Palmer and Lauren Maillian
The Times has since updated Robert and Lauren's wedding announcement. Photo: The New York Times.

Three months before their ‘second’ nuptials, Nikyta says ‘things abruptly changed’ and, after she returned from a short trip away to give her husband some space, everything fell apart.

“When I came back, he said he wanted a divorce. It was like a light switch turned off,” she said.

Robert’s personality was so drastically different that Nikyta wondered if it was due to ‘a medical ­issue’ — but now she knows it was because he was having an affair.

At around the same time, Nikyta says she found out she was pregnant and that Robert ‘didn’t want’ the baby. She later miscarried which she puts down to stress.

“I called [Robert] from the hospital but he didn’t come. Nothing can compare to that hurt,” she said.

Nikyta hasn’t had any contact with Robert since finalising their divorce but says she wishes him and his new bride — who he also met at a gym — all the best.

Robert later told The Post that his ex-wife’s story was ‘surprising’ and that he ‘wasn’t aware there was an issue’.

Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.

“Nikyta and I were separated and both consented to a mutual and amicable divorce. This is all very surprising to me and I was unaware that there was ever an issue. I’m happy with my family and I wish Nikyta the best,” he said.

Robert and Lauren’s wedding announcement in The Times has subsequently been updated to reflect Robert’s marital history.

Needless to say, the tangled tale raised many eyebrows on social media and left several Twitter users reeling.

“I thought my quarantine was chaotic but thank god it wasn't ‘find out an ex announced they were cheating on me via nytimes' vows’ chaotic,” one wrote.

“Imagine getting a NYT wedding announcement and come to find out your man's ex has a piece in the New York Post right now about the way he left her and their baby, leading to a miscarriage and therapy,” said another.

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