Model shocks beachgoers with 'naked' swimsuit: 'Confusing to look at'

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A model has shocked beach goers by heading for a dip in the ocean wearing nothing but a 'naked' swimsuit, which was actually body paint.

Kapila May's look was applied by body painter Paul Roustan, who has managed to trick thousands of people with his realistic painted clothing.

model Kapila May in body paint swimsuit at the beach
Kapila May hit the beach in nothing by body paint. Photo: Caters News

Paul shared a video of Kapila online, where she can be seen confidently walking past hundreds of beach goers while just wearing body paint - but the prank seemingly worked as only a few people took a double glance.


The stunt received thousands of views with even some of the people online questioning whether she was wearing clothes.

"I'm fascinated with fooling the public; I'm a bit rebellious and fearless and I like the idea of doing things that people don't notice," Paul said.

model in bodypaint tricks beach goers
Only a few beach goers did a double take. Photo: Caters News

"On the beach, most people were wearing less than what I painted her in and it's more modest than what you would typically see," he continued.

"I would say only five per cent of people noticed she was naked and a lot of people question it and have to ask because it can be confusing to look at.

"I'm always ready to cover the model up if something goes wrong - my intention is respectful."

body paint swimsuit trick
Kapila's look was 'more modest' than some other beach styles, Paul said. Photo: Caters News

Paul, who is from California, typically takes up to three hours to paint the models and now gets commissions from all over the world.

"I was doing illustrations for an adult magazine in 2005 and pitched the idea to paint one of the models for the photo spread using body paint - I tried it and became hooked," he said.

"Sometimes I see a cool location and want to put someone in it and paint something relevant but normally the model's interests inspire the work."

He said some people were so fooled by the looks, they even came up to talk to them while they film.

"People can't notice because they don't think it's possible but some people do notice and get excited and can't believe it," he added.

"I paint a whole spectrum of models but I always place them in situations that I know they can handle."

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