Myer store's 'naked' Barbie display baffles shoppers

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Bargain shoppers have been left scratching their heads after a 'bizarre' display of discount Barbie dolls was spotted at a Myer store in Sydney.

The dolls were on sale from $24.95 down to just 50ct, but there was a reason why.

Barbie doll sale myer
The Barbie dolls were marked down from $24.95 to 50ct. Photo: Facebook

Taking to a popular bargain hunting Facebook group, one shopper shared a photo fo the 'unclothed' Barbies - that were completely nude – in the hopes someone might explain what the deal was.

Though the post initially sparked a fair amount of confusion, there was eventually some clarity.

“I just want to know what actually happened to Barbie’s clothes?” one person asked.


“My daughter takes all the clothes off hers anyway and we have a box of clothes she doesn’t use,” one mum quipped.

While another simply mused: “What a bargain!”

naked barbie sale myer
The nude dolls were part of a 'Build your own Barbie' promotion. Photo: Facebook

A few balked at the original price, with one person saying: "They were really charging $25 for a naked Barbie?"

Until finally, a few comments revealed the naked Barbies were in fact part of a special 'Make your own Barbie' promotion.

"They had a promotion, you could choose your Barbie and then choose your outfit for the doll, take it to the counter dress it and Myer would box it as you pay," one person explained.

"All the Barbie dolls had different shape bodies, hair colours etc.

The Myer department store at Roselands i
A bargain item at Myer had some shoppers scratching their heads. Photo: Getty

“It was about teaching your kids everybody is different, that not everyone has to dress the same, they had Barbies with fuller figures, short Barbies basic all different body types and so kids learn we are all human and we are all unique in our own ways," they added.

“This is obviously left over stock, that they are trying to clear and have run out of outfits.”

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