Melissa Leong reveals if she'll watch MasterChef after her shock exit: 'I think about it every day'

The former judge has just announced a very surprising new career move.

MasterChef Australia kicks off its 16th season tonight with 22 fresh new cooks ready to be crowned the winner, and a (nearly) brand new judging panel.

Andy Allen has remained on the show and will be joined by Poh Ling Yeow, Sofia Levin, and Jean-Christophe Novelli. It was revealed in October last year that Melissa Leong would not be returning to the show, with rumours she was axed from the show - something Melissa later denied.

"I get that there is going to be a bit of confusion and chaos about the ‘why’ of it all right now. I’m here and happy to clear that up, because negative tropes draped around women who achieve something is boring, and frankly we are all better than that," she said on Instagram.

"This is a shift I embrace with joy. One that allows everyone involved, to expand. To put it plainly, I’m very fortunate to continue to be a key part of [MasterChef], yet have the space to evolve my career."

Melissa Leong with Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen
Melissa pictured with Andy Allen and the late Jock Zonfrillo. Photo: Getty


Now Melissa has announced a new career venture and it's also been reported the Aussie star could have international TV on the horizon too.

In an interview with Perth Now about her new career ventures, when asked by the publication about whether she'll be watching MasterChef's new season, she told them she had no regrets about her time on the show and would be watching the season.

Melissa Leong
Melissa Leong now hosts Dessert Masters and will soon be commentating at the UFC 305 in Perth. Photo:

"I reflect on the last four years of being host and judge of MasterChef with joy, with gratitude and with maximum respect," she said. "I think about it every day as something that was a huge part of my life and continues to be a huge part of my life."


There have previously been rumours that Melissa may be approached for other international MasterChef formats including MasterChef Asia and MasterChef Singapore.

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