McDonald's secret dessert menu items send fans into a frenzy

A TikToker has sent McDonald's fans into a frenzy by uncovering secret menu items available at select restaurants.

Adrian Widjonarko, who goes by the name Places in Sydney Foodie, revealed ice-cream flavours that most people didn't even know were on the fast-food giant's dessert menu.

In his now-viral video, Adrian orders an ice-cream from the Flavour Burst Soft Serve range, which is currently only available at McDonald's Bondi Beach.

Stills from TikTok video showing McDonald's ice-creams
A McDonald's customer has revealed two ice-cream flavours that are only available at some of the fast-food giant's restaurants. Source: TikTok/@adrianwidjy (TikTok/@adrianwidjy)

Adrian opts for purple grape flavour – one of six Flavour Burst varieties, which also include banana, chocolate swirl, bubble gum, raspberry and pina colada.

In the second part of the video, which has been viewed over 490,000 times, Adrian walks into McDonald's Gladesville, where he purchases a Chocolate Soft Serve cone.


"In case you didn't know these 2 items exist in Sydney in 2 locations," he captioned the video. "I know for chocolate soft serves there are other locations too. Know anymore? DM ME PLZ!"

The video also shows Adrian crushing the chocolate soft serve together with the cone in a cup and describing it as "chocolatey perfection".

Macca's fans desperate to try new desserts

The clip has amassed over 34,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people wanting to taste the new desserts for themselves.

"Let's go for a field trip," one viewer wrote.

"Say what!" wrote another.

Other users joked about the TikToker putting Gladesville on the map following his discovery.

"I'm moving to Gladesville lol, I'm excited to try that," one person commented.

Some TikTokers however claim they have already seen the Chocolate Soft Serve at their local McDonald's restaurant.

"Chocolate soft serve has been in Perth for years aha," one viewer commented.

"Emerton have the chocolate too. It reminds me of chocolate custard."

McDonald's Australia confirmed that Flavour Burst Soft Serves are only available at the Bondi Beach store, with no plans to make them available in other Macca's branches.

The Chocolate Soft Serve cone, however, is being trialled at select restaurants across NSW, SA and NT.

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