McDonald's customers baffled by bizarre new sundae flavour: 'Ready to obliterate people'

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Coriander has long been a source of debate across social media, but the notoriously divisive herb will now be featured in a McDonald’s sundae.

Macca’s restaurants in China are selling coriander flavoured sundaes for a limited time, costing only 6.6 Chinese Yuan, which equates to about $1.45 Aussie dollars.

The peculiar menu addition, which is rumoured to have a sweet and sour taste, is topped with a vibrant lime green sauce and fresh coriander leaves.

Green McDonald's Coriander Sundae
McDonald's new coriander sundae is described as being fragrant but not overpowering in flavour. Source: McDonald's China

“Coriander gang, raise up your hands, the sweet and fresh coriander sundae has arrived!” said a McDonald’s China spokesperson in a statement.

Across social media, people have been speculating if the green sundae has been released for Saint Patrick’s Day, which is on March 17.

However, according to the McDonald’s Chinese Weibo account, the offer is only valid from February 21 - February 25.

Chinese customers who have already tasted the new sundae flavour have described it as “strange” and “fragrant,” with some users stating that it “doesn’t taste like coriander.”


The promotion, which has only been running for a day, is already a hit with Chinese consumers, who liked the McDonald’s sundae announcement on Weibo over 15,000 times within 24 hours of it being posted.

However, McDonald’s fans from around the world aren’t so keen on the flavour combination.

Social media reacts to 'interesting' flavour combination

The new Macca's menu item is causing a stir on social media, with users torn over the fast food giant’s choice of sundae flavour.

Twitter user, Daniel Ahmad, who has previously tweeted about McDonald’s menu changes, called the flavour combination “interesting” in a recent post.

“It will taste like soap to a lot of people,” responded one Twitter user.

“Had to double check to see if it was April 1st,” said another.

“Finally, a sundae that looks and tastes like soap,” jabbed a third.

“I don’t think interesting is the right word here,” commented a fourth.

“I like cilantro, but with ice cream?” wrote a fifth.

Another Twitter user called the sundae an “innocent looking dessert entirely ready to obliterate people.”

Although a Chinese Twitter user chimed in, defending the taste of the peculiar flavour combination.

“Anyone who hasn't tried it should - spicy plus sweet/creamy does amazing things on your taste buds,” they said.

A screenshot of the tweet has also made its way to the I Hate Coriander Facebook page, with the poster stating that the announcement "pained" her.

Consumer photograph of two coriander sundaes
Some Weibo users have asked McDonald's to run the promotion for longer. Source: Weibo/Positive_Wind

Strange McDonald's menu item roasted on Twitter

Twitter users have poked fun at the coriander sundae by adding other strange menu finds to the mix.

One Twitter user shared a photograph of chilli paste and pork crackling ice cream, which was recently offered at Thai McDonald’s restaurants for 39 Thai Baht, which is roughly $1.67 AUD.

“McDonald's Thailand would like to say hi,” they joked.

Sharing a photograph or a burger alongside their reply, another Twitter user joked that “McDonald’s do violence like this on the regular.”

“Last year it was an Oreo and Spam burger,” they said.

Side-by-side image. Left: Screenshot of advertisement for McDonald's Spam and Oreo burger. Right: Screenshot of advertisement for McDonald's chilli paste and pork ice cream. Source: Twitter
These unusual McDonald's items were reportedly quite popular when released. Source: Twitter

McDonald's Australia launches new dessert options

A spokesperson from McDonald's Australia told Yahoo Lifestyle that the coriander sundae will not be appearing on Aussie menus, but new dessert flavour options are currently being trialled in select NSW stores.

“We love testing out exciting new flavour combinations, and can’t wait to hear what customers think about the new Crème Brulee Pie and Crème Brulee McFlurry. Who knows, it might make its way onto menus nationwide for a limited time,” the spokesperson said.

The Crème Brulee Pie and Crème Brulee McFlurry are currently available at Dapto, Wyong, Stanmore, Haberfield and Beacon Hill McDonald’s restaurants.

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