McDonald's 'fakeaway' goes viral on TikTok: 'Awesome'

Who doesn't love a fakeaway, particularly when it gives you all the taste at a fraction of the calories! Well, this latest McDonald's cheat not only satisfies your taste buds but also helps your waistline as well.

Brisbane based fitness and health coach Bec Hardgrave shared the simple four-ingredient recipe to recreate the McDonald's chocolate frappe on her TikTok channel and fans loved it! The video has already been watched 790,000 times and has 640 comments!

Stills form fitness and health coach Bec Hardgrave's McDonald's chocolate frappe fakeaway video on TikTok
Fitness and health coach Bec Hardgrave's McDonald's chocolate frappe fakeaway. Photo: Tiktok/@bechardgrave

In the video, Bec adds 125ml of no added sugar chocolate flavoured low-fat milk and a sachet of Jarrah hot chocolate powder to a cup of ice before blending it. She then tops it with 10g of light whipped cream and drizzles no added sugar chocolate sauce over the top.

She says that her frappe has just 127 calories compared to the 667 in the traditional McDonald's drink.

"This is awesome!," one follower wrote.

"Yummm I was getting broke buying one every day. Now I can make my own!" another added.

But it wasn't long before people were begging Bec to give them a low-cal version of their favourite frappe.

"Can you do the caramel one please?" one fan wrote.

"How about a salted caramel one?" another said with many agreeing that they wanted salted caramel, coffee and mocha versions.

"I’m here for the coffee version," another third added.

stills from Bec Hardgrave's TikTok video creating a healthy McDonald's salted caramel frappe
Due to popular demand, Bec also created a salted caramel frappe dupe. Photo: Tiktok/@bechardgrave

And they didn't have to wait long. Bec has since posted a salted caramel fakeaway too which is just 141 calories instead of the original 595. The other macros include 8.6g of protein, 5.4g fat and 13.2g carbs.

And she got all the ingredients from Woolies! Here is the recipe:

  1. 1 x Sachet of Avalanche Coffee caramelised white choc powder

  2. 125ml oak milk vanilla no added sugar milk

  3. 20ml Salted Caramel Natvia Living sauce (save 5ml for toppings)

  4. 10g Light Whipped Cream

She then whizzed up the white chocolate powder, salted caramel sauce and milk with ice before topping with the whipped cream and more salted caramel sauce.

So far, 53,000 people have watched that video, many jumping into the comments just to request the next flavour of the recipe, so it's only a matter of time before she posts a coffee version.

Given how popular and delicious these milky frappes are, if we can cut calories and make them at home, we're in!

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