MasterChef's 'mystery' contestant's surprising update following bizarre edit

The home cook has addressed their minimal screen time on social media.

While reality TV participants typically gain popularity by receiving a large amount of screen time, a woman on this year’s season of MasterChef Australia has become one of the most talked about contestants by doing the complete opposite.

Sue Bazely has sparked somewhat of a social media frenzy from her extremely minimal presence in the kitchen, with fans labelling her “the most mysterious contestant” the show has ever seen.

MasterChef’s Sue Bazely with the season 16 cast.
MasterChef’s Sue Bazely has been described as ‘the most mysterious contestant’ the show has ever seen. Photo: Channel 10

The 58-year-old has barely been featured speaking with the judges, is yet to have her backstory shown, and has only competed in a handful of elimination and immunity challenges.

In fact, she’s been shown so infrequently that every time she does make a brief appearance, viewers are left scratching their heads.

“Who is SUE? Has she been here this whole time?!” one person posted on X (formerly Twitter), while another wrote, “Is Sue the #MasterChefAU intruder?”.


“Where the heck did Sue come from? Have we met her?” someone else commented, followed by a fourth who said, “Have we seen any dishes from Sue?”.

One fan also shared a “theory” about Sue’s lack of airtime on Reddit, to which a majority of users simply replied: “Who is Sue?”

MasterChef’s Sue Bazely.
Sue has addressed the hilarious fan reaction on social media. Photo: Channel 10

It appears Sue isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself and the fact that no one knows much about her as she recently updated her Instagram bio to include ‘#who_is_sue’.

She also edited a majority of her Instagram captions this week to include the hilarious hashtag, and fingers crossed she has ‘Who is Sue?’ merchandise in the works.

The home cook finally received a substantial amount of airtime during Wednesday night’s episode when she accidentally used her competitor Mimi’s piping bag filled with white chocolate banana mousse in her chicken dish instead of her onion soubise.

Fans were clearly taken aback by Sue’s increased screen time, with one person writing: “So much Sue. WTF is going on?”

“Do you reckon the editing team have gone back to edit Sue into an episode after everyone had no idea who she was, even after 4 weeks?” another theorised, while someone else said, “FINALLY! Sue gets some airtime and I actually get to see what she looks like”.

Although Sue has yet to have a backstory shown on TV, her bio on 10play describes her as a customer manager and mother of two who has been married to her high school sweetheart for 33 years.

“She has special memories of helping her mother tending, harvesting and cooking from their vegetable garden, as well as sharing varied cuisines with their multicultural community,” the website reads.


“Sue expects her diverse tastes to be an advantage in the competition, as she is not easily pigeon-holed. She can be a risk-taker in the kitchen, but will back herself all the way, knowing she can rely on her intuition.”

She’s managed to cook her way to the top 14, but only time will tell how far the culinary Sue-perstar makes it in the competition!

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