'Oh my God': MasterChef fans lose it over Jock Zonfrillo's red-hot final look

MasterChef fans have been left devastated this morning and no, we’re not talking about the shock exit of dessert king Reynold Poernomo on last night’s episode (though tears have rightfully been shed).

No, the devastation has come from none other than judge Jock Zonfrillo who left fans faint after sharing a sneak peek at his wardrobe for the highly-anticipated final this evening.

Jock Zonfrillo pictured next to Melissa Leong on first episode of MasterChef Back to Win heartthrob status with fans
Jock caused a stir from his very first episode of the blockbuster show alongside Melissa Leong and Andy Allen. Photo: Channel 10

The Scottish-born chef charmed his way straight into every MasterChef fan’s heart as soon as he cracked his first devilish grin on the program way back in March but it’s his final appearance that has truly sent fans over the edge, and perhaps cemented his heartthrob status once and for all.

Rocking a traditional kilt, Jock is embracing his heritage for the final episode to the absolute, and vocal, delight of fans who haven’t been able to contain themselves since the snap was shared by the Orana restauranter this morning.

Jock’s kilt send fans into meltdown

Jock Zonfrillo wears a kilt, Melissa Leong wears a sparkling evening gown and Andy Allen wears a tuxedo for MasterChef 2020 Back to Win final fans lose it over Jock's kilt
Jock's last look for MasterChef 2020 has sent fans over the edge once and for all. Photo: Channel 10

The photo shows Jock front and centre decked out in a kilt and traditional Scottish attire, while co-hosts Andy Allen and Mellissa Leong dazzle in a smart tuxedo and glittering bombshell evening gown respectively.

“Tonight is THE night!” he captioned a snap of the trio socially distanced in the iconic kitchen. “It’s the Grand Finale and I couldn’t be prouder of our two finalists.”

Hashtagging ‘girl power’ the chef quickly found himself drowning in comments from fans.

“The kilt is essential for such an episode,” one fan wrote.

“Loving that kilt,” another agreed, punctuating with a cheeky wink-face emoji.

“Jock, you look stunning,” another gushed.

“Gotta love a man in a kilt,” another excited onlooker wrote. “Aye indeed.”

Others who were left shattered at what many are calling Reynold’s premature departure, took comfort in the kilt,

“The kilt makes up for Reynold not being there,” one fan admitted.

“The best outfit ever,” another agreed.

“Best outfit goes to Jock,” another agreed.

“Ok Jock is looking mighty fine here,” another couldn’t help but comment.

The overwhelming reaction from fans comes after Jock was previously dragged online after admitting he was clueless of the worldwide phenomenon that is the Harry Potter novels and films.

When confronted with contestant Reynold Poernomo’s Golden Snitch-inspired dessert earlier this month, the 43-year-old was visibly confused.

Fans will be watching on the edge of their seats this evening when grand finalists Laura Sharrad from South Australia and Emilia Jackson, from Melbourne battle it out for the top prize.

MasterChef airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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