'I can't stop looking': Fans spot odd detail on MasterChef contestant's neck

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MasterChef fans went into overdrive last night after many thought they spotted something odd on one of the contestant’s necks.

Taking to Twitter, a plethora of fans questioned whether the mark on Reynold Poernomo’s neck was just a pimple, a bruise or if it was in fact a hickey.

Reynold on MasterChef
MasterChef fans think they spotted a hickey on Reynold's neck. Photo: Channel 10
Reynold's neck
Nothing was mentioned on the show about what the mark on his neck was. Photo: Channel 10

Reynold was battling it out in the immunity challenge, with the camera panning down on to his neck numerous ties throughout the cook.

“Umm, so... are we going to address Reynold’s hickey?,” one person wrote, with another saying: “I can’t stop looking at Reynold’s ISO hickey!!!”

“A hickey and immunity. Reynold is a lucky boy,” another fan wrote, with another fan saying: “Oh to be a nationally famous dessert king with a hickey on my neck.”

Perhaps one of the funniest tweets said it’s not a hickey at all, but a “bruise from really sticking his neck out in the competition".

Reynold hasn’t addressed the claims, instead taking to his Instagram account to post a stunning photo of him and his girlfriend, Chelia Dinata.

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