'OK boomer': MasterChef judge Jock's clueless comment baffles co-hosts and fans

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MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo has left his co-stars and viewers baffled after appearing entirely clueless of the worldwide phenomenon that is the Harry Potter novels and films.

When confronted with contestant Reynold Poernomo’s Golden Snitch-inspired dessert on Tuesday night’s episode, the 43-year-old Scottish chef was visibly confused.

MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo was left stumped by Reynold Poernomo's Golden Snitch dessert. Photo: Channel 10.
MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo was left stumped by Reynold Poernomo's Golden Snitch dessert. Photo: Channel 10.

“What is the snitch?” he asked his fellow judges, Andy Allen and Melissa Leong.

The pair attempted to explain the magical object that features in the sport of Quidditch - to no avail.

“Do they eat the snitch?” Jock pondered.

His ignorance of author JK Rowling’s wizarding world didn’t stop him from falling under the spell of Reynold’s gilded brown-butter mousse and tonka-bean caramel dish.

“It’s A-1, first-class... it’s the best dish he’s ever made,” Jock concluded after tasting.

Melissa, who was particularly taken by the snitch’s intricate wings, dubbed it a ‘game-changer’ and ‘triumphant’.

Reynold, 26, walked away with the show’s final Immunity Pin, fast-tracking him straight to the top four.

Reynold's magical dish earned him an Immunity Pin. Photo: Channel 10.
Reynold's magical dish earned him an Immunity Pin. Photo: Channel 10.

Over on social media, fans were still grappling with Jock’s Potter faux pas.

“HOW HAS JOCK NEVER SEEN HARRY POTTER?????” asked one fan on Instagram.

“Andy and Mel be like ‘ok boomer’” joked another of Jock’s co-host’s exasperation.

“Not knowing what the Snitch is, is a crime against humanity,” wrote an outraged viewer.

One fan harked back to Jock’s question about whether the snitch was edible, noting that the boy wizard does get a taste of it at one point.

“Well [Harry] does swallow it in one of them,” they wrote.

Another viewer thought it was high time the father-of-three — who has a fourth bub on the way — should jump on the Hogwarts Express.

“Someone give him Harry Potter books!” they demanded.

Jock’s X-rated eggplant campaign

Last week, Jock left fans in stitches after he shared a bizarre ad to his Instagram where he discusses the eggplant and, more specifically, the X-rated meaning for the vegetable's emoji.

Jock captioned the bizarre post, “Help me reclaim the eggplant from being the global innuendo that is a d*ck.”

"The eggplant emoji, is actually used as a d*ck," the chef says in the video, seemingly shocked.

Jock Zonfrillo's eggplant ad
Jock Zonfrillo has taken to Instagram with a bizarre ad for eggplants. Photo: Instagram/Jock Zonfrillo

"It's not a d*ck, ever. And much to my horror, I jumped online because I didn't believe it," he then read aloud the Internet’s definition, "'The eggplant emoji is a long purple eggplant but it's really just used to represent a penis.'"

"I'm not doing it. I'm not doing the whole eggplant/d*ck thing. Nah, it's not in the Zonfrillo repertoire. Not happening and we're going to reclaim the eggplant."

He continued, "So, for the next four weeks, I'm going to do a really beautiful eggplant recipe to try and reclaim some dignity for this poor guy, I mean this beautiful vegetable, not a penis. So, tune in over the next four weeks for four super simple recipes using a eggplant, if you don't want to call it an eggplant, call it an aubergine, but that's it, no penis."

Fans were quick to comment on the video with one cheeky fan commenting, "Will part two of this series be reclaiming the peach?" To which Jock simply replied, "Ooft."

Another fan wrote, "You’re going to need to offer up a peen substitute if we’re no longer allowed to use the eggplant..." With Jock responding that he was hoping Instagram would figure that out, the fan then jokingly added, "You can’t create a big kerfuffle and then not contribute in finding a solution! This matters, dammit! People need to express themselves through veg."

Another user joked, "If it's purple, it should probably get looked at."

"Good luck with that one!" someone else wrote, while another said, "You're going to need to offer up another peen substitute if we're no longer allowed to use the eggplant."

One fan wrote, "The PSA we all needed."

Additional reporting by Marni Dixit.

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