Fans claim Channel 10 spoiled MasterChef ending

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It was an emotional night in the MasterChef kitchen last night, as fans bid farewell to dessert king Reynold Poernomo.

However, one eagle-eyed fan of the cooking show has claimed to have a spotted a massive editing fail on the Channel 10 website, just before it was announced that Reynold would be leaving the show.

MasterChef Laura, Reynold and Emilia
MasterChef fans claim to have spotted a huge spoiler just before Reynold was eliminated last night. Photo: Channel 10

“Has @Channel10AU given the ending up with a premature website update? No Reynold but Emailya and Laura highlighted?” the Tweet read.

The picture accompanying the caption shows a screenshot from the Channel 10 website where Emilia and Laura are the only two contestants not shaded out from this year’s competition.

Reynold, who did eventually get eliminated, didn’t even feature on the list of contestants.

The screenshot was taken at 8:16pm, with the ending of the show not being broadcast until after 9pm.

One fan commented on the post saying: “It’s not exactly looking like a close battle at the moment tho”, while another said: “Laura wins the whole thing......we already know this lol.”

Channel 10 has been contacted for comment.

Last night, there were tears all around after the shock exit of dessert king Reynold.


The pressure test was set by three- hatted chef Martin Benn, whose toffee apple is the culmination of ten years work based on the five elements of taste; salty, sour, sweet, umami and bitter.

Each contestant was given three hours and forty-five minutes to recreate it, with Emilia and Laura’s creations beating Reynold’s to the final post.

The judges said Reynold’s caramel wasn’t bitter enough, leaving his dish too sweet, and his persimmon and pumpkin leaves were more like a fruit leather than a crisp.

Tonight Emelia and Laura will take part in the final battle, where one will be crowned Australian MasterChef for 2020.

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