MasterChef fans left 'annoyed' by judging detail: 'Boring'

MasterChef fans have taken to Reddit to share a gripe they have with the way dishes are judged on the show by Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and the late Jock Zonfrillo.

One Reddit user wrote, "Does it bother you that all the judges are always in complete agreement? It kinda annoys me that they never have an actual personal opinion or disagree with each other. Why not just have one judge then?"

MasterChef judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leon and Jock Zonfrillo
MasterChef fans have taken to social media to share their annoyance over a judging detail, with many agreeing it's 'boring'. Photo: Ten

"I’m with you, even though I understand we are getting a very ‘produced’ judging," another user responded. "I think it would be nice to have Andy really like a dish but Mel really isn’t a fan - like they can’t all have identical palates - surely we’ve been at restaurants where one person didn’t like their dish but another tried it and enjoyed it."

"Oh my god I’ve been wondering this for ages!" another said. "I couldn’t agree more, the judging is always quite boring cuz it’s either overwhelmingly positive or negative. It would be great to have more nuance."


"The total consensus really annoys me - although I'm sure it's agreed during the tasting as the cooks prepare their food and the judges do their rounds," a third added. "But I would just love to hear one of the judges say - 'I've got to totally disagree with you two guys'!"

However, some people didn't mind the way the judges tend to agree, with one user writing, "Maybe the dish is either too bad, or too good. Or maybe the judges have similar palate, so that they always reach consensus.

MasterChef judges taste dish
Many fans shared that they disliked the fact all three judges tended to agree with each other rather than having differing opinions. Photo: Ten

"Sometimes they edit out the mediocre dishes, which might not be considered unanimously good or bad. On the contrary, the Masterchef America judges always disagreeing each other, for drama mostly."

The user continued, "I do think that if a dish is good, it will suit for the majority of people, especially for chefs, food critics, or food authors that have more refined palate."


"Not me," another began. "If taste is subjective why bother having judges at all. I see consensus on fundamentals like temp, texture, viscosity etc. I like that they generally discuss with each other and reach consensus on a dish. They all have such a difference in background that it makes it difficult for them to fairly judge a dish without having some benchmark against.

"The last thing I wanna see is a judge who doesn't personally like or understand (insert cuisine) start inputting that personal opinion in to grade a dish they probably wouldn't like even if cooked perfectly."

It comes after fans also wrote about how they felt that this season is "underwhelming" and "isn't up to the same standard" as previous years.

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