Gordon Ramsay slammed by 'disappointed' MasterChef fans

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay returned to MasterChef on Monday night via video link, however, fans were left unimpressed due to one detail.

The chef opened up his fridge to show the contestants what they would be cooking with, but fans were shocked to see that Gordon's fridge was filled with plastic Evian water bottles.

Gordon Ramsay fridge filled with bottled water
Gordon Ramsay has been slammed by MasterChef fans after giving a glimpse of his fridge which is filled with bottled water. Photo: Ten

Viewers were seriously unimpressed by the amount of bottled water Gordon had in his fridge.

One Twitter user wrote: "Why does Gordon Ramsay have so much bottled water? USE A TAP, MATE."

Another joked: "Is @GordonRamsay well hydrated or dehydrated with so much bottled water in that fridge?"

Others suggested he had panic bought his supply. "HOW MANY BOTTLES OF WATER DOES GORDON RAMSAY HAVE?! Talk about panic buying…" the wrote.

"If you’re Gordon Ramsay-level rich, you can afford a tap that only spits out filtered bubbly water. Come on, guv,” another person said, with another adding: "@GordonRamsay I’m disappointed in your massive amount of bottled water.”

Emelia Jackson ended up scoring first place in the challenge after choosing to make a "compressed choux pastry" made with rhubarb and strawberry – two of the items in Gordon's fridge – which wowed the judges.

Judge Jock Zonfrillo was particularly delighted by the "innovative technique" she used.

Emelia revealed she'd previously messed up her compressed choux pastry, making it quite the gamble.

She told the camera after her win, "I have been so intimidated throughout this entire competition. And to think that I am in the semi-final, I never pictured this as a reality, ever."

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