'Breaks my heart': Fans in tears as MasterChef favourite is eliminated

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There wasn’t a dry eye in the MasterChef kitchen last night when fan favourite Callum Hann was eliminated from the competition.

The Adelaide chef, who won over a legion of followers for his nice guy attitude, fell at the last hurdle after deciding to cook coconut-poached snapper with a shaved fennel and crispy ginger salad, roasted chilli oil and coriander nam jim dressing.

Callum Hann
Callum Hann was eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen last night. Photo: Channel 10

Jock loved the coconut, coriander and chili flavours but the texture of the fish just wasn’t right. Melissa and Andy agreed and Callum was sent packing.

But not before the whole kitchen broke down into tears as Melissa broke the news to Callum that he didn’t make it into the final three.

“10 years ago you might have walked into this kitchen as a boy, but this time you’ve returned as a dad,” she said.

Callum Hann on MasterChef 2020
The chef needed to take a few minutes out after being overcome with emotion. Photo: Channel 10
Photo: Channel 10
Photo: Channel 10

“Every time you walk through those doors, humility and integrity has always followed. We are so proud of you,” she added.

Earlier in the episode, Callum had to ask for a breather after it hit him that either he or his friend and former colleague, Laura Sharrad, would be going home.

“The last few nights months have been massive inside and outside the competition … I’m feeling really emotional because either Laura is sending me home or vice versa which really sucks,” he said.

Fans couldn’t believe it was Callum’s time to leave the kitchen, with many taking to Twitter to express their shock.

“So very sad that Callum was sent home. If only he took that fish out A little earlier, but we all know he's already got a bright future and At least he can go be with his wife and beautiful Lil girl,” one person wrote.

“OMG. How emotional is it so far. Callum breaks my heart,” another person said.

Emelia, Reynold and Laura are through to the semi-finals on Sunday, before two of them will battle it out for the Back To Win title.

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