MasterChef Australia fans fight over 'infuriating' detail in elimination episode: 'Ridiculed'

Sunday night's episode of MasterChef featured a very special guest, but viewers were not happy with how she was treated.

MasterChef Australia fans were upset with how Sunday's episode played out. Credit: Channel Ten
MasterChef Australia fans were upset with how Sunday's episode played out. Credit: Channel Ten

MasterChef Australia saw another intense elimination round on Sunday night as the home cooks battled it out for who would find themselves one step closer to that sweet $250,000 prize money. The episode also marked the first without Jamie Oliver as a guest judge, after the internationally renowned chef wrapped up his two weeks on the show.

However, the contestants were in for a treat as Andy Allen announced the arrival of a very special guest...his mum Maree who was there to set a big challenge. Revealing three dishes that she cooked throughout Andy's childhood, the MasterChef competitors looked on in something adjacent to horror as Maree talked them through her creations - which Andy said were giving him PTSD.

The challenge at hand? Use Maree's dishes as inspiration to create something....better?

Maree Allen's infamous 'Pine Burger'. Credit: Channel Ten
Maree Allen's infamous 'Pine Burger'. Credit: Channel Ten

The dishes in question were the 'pine-burger' which consisted of an English muffin, tomato paste, ham, pineapple and cheese. Then there was the lamb chop with veggies which Andy recalled as 'grey, overcooked deliciousness' and, finally, the fruit salad slice which seemed to horrify the cooks the most as the fruit was 'out of a can.'


By Maree's own admission, cooking is not her strong suit having grown up in a time where everything was "mashed or boiled" and flavour came from "a can or a packet." Even though Maree was happy to poke fun at herself and her lack of culinary prowess, fans of the show took issue with the fact that it felt as though she was being ridiculed a little too much

Taking to an online fan group for the show, one fan wrote, "So tonight's episode kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I understand Andy's reason for cooking is his mum's 'lack of' cooking. The way that was shown was really infuriating to me when she said 'flavour came from a jar, 'continental food packs.'"

They continued, "Where's the appreciation for his mum, regardless how 'bad' the food was? - in the end his mum cooked, he had a warm lunch/dinner. More than what a lot of people would have or could have done for their children, or more than what some children eat. It really saddens me that some might watch this and think their cooking is not enough for their children - if this is someone here, please know your food IS enough."

The comments under the post were mixed with one person saying, "Totally agree !!!I I love Masterchef Australia 2024 but tonight I felt Andy’s mum was ridiculed we grew up on our mum’s food -yes compared to food now we may smirk but that was our mum doing her best. I actually think that I might give this season a pass."

"I got the same vibe," another wrote. "There was nothing wrong with her food, just plain and simple. Back then we didn't have the internet to widen our food horizons, it was almost impossible to source foreign ingredients. I don't think they intended to mock her but it did come across that way to me as well."

Offered another, "My thoughts exactly. Some of the contestants were rude. The food she cooked was good everyday food for a lot of Aussies and still is today. Not everyone is a MC."

"I felt uncomfortable when the contestants laughed at her food," said another. "What food snobs! What’s wrong with lamb, mash and 3 veg? Guess it was lacking a jus!"

Some fans felt the contestants were rude about Andy's mum's cooking. Credit: Channel Ten
Some fans felt the contestants were rude about Andy's mum's cooking. Credit: Channel Ten

Others, however, felt that it had all been in good fun.

"I didn’t think she was ridiculed," one person wrote. "I’m sure this was well discussed with her before she agreed to do it."

"I think it was good to show that we’re all not supercooks," chimed in another.

Wrote another fan, "I don’t believe she was being ridiculed as such. Andy adores her. It was just showing how far the food industry has come."

Over on X, people also shared their mixed feelings toward the way Maree was portrayed with one viewer writing, "Andy seems to have survived quite well. But he’s definitely thrown his mum under the bus."


"Oh no Andy is putting his mum on blast on national TV," wrote another. "I'm cringing so hard."

"Andrew’s gonna get a belting from his mum after this," someone else weighed in.

The episode ended with Jonathan being eliminated from the competition after his Nonna’s beef ragu pappardelle failed to impress.

Farewelling the carpenter from NSW Poh said, “This might’ve been your last day in the kitchen, but you’ve cooked us something from your heart and from your home."

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