Masked Singer viewers call out ‘bizarre' wardrobe detail: 'Budget cuts'

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While this year’s season of The Masked Singer has been wowing fans with plenty of incredible celebrity reveals, a number of viewers have noticed an interesting detail about the guessing panel’s wardrobe.

All four of the superstar panellists have been wearing the same outfits for the past three episodes, with Chrissie Swan in a green sequinned off-the-shoulder gown, Abbie Chatfield in a plunging silver jumpsuit, Dave Hughes in a metallic floral suit and Mel B in a sparkly dress with a bold print.

The Masked Singer's Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield and Dave Hughes.
Masked Singer viewers have noticed that the guessing panellists have worn the same outfits for the past three episodes. Photos: Instagram/10styling

Meanwhile, host Osher Günsberg has been dressed in the same garish suit since Sunday night’s episode.

It’s evident that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night’s episodes were most likely filmed on the same day, meaning that the panel had to watch ten performances and witness three celebrity reveals: Shannon Noll, Michelle Williams and Tori Spelling.


Fans on social media were quick to call out the repeated outfits, with one person saying it was “so bizarre”.

“Is it me or anyone else noticed the judges are wearing the same outfits as last episode?” another added, while a third wrote, “They must’ve done some long recording days since they’re in the same outfits again tonight”.

“You’d think that even though all this week’s shows were recorded on one day, there would be a wardrobe change for each show to continue the illusion. But no!” someone else shared.

“Those clothes must be getting a bit whiffy by now,” a different user joked, followed by another who remarked, “It’s ridiculous”.

The Masked Singer's Osher Günsberg.
‘You’d think that even though all this week’s shows were recorded on one day, there would be a wardrobe change for each show to continue the illusion. But no!’ Photo: Instagram/10styling

‘Budget cuts’

Others questioned whether the consistency had anything to do with the show’s budget or the exorbitant amounts they might have had to spend on the superstar contestants.

“The panel are still in the same outfits. Either a 20-hour filming day or budget cuts in the wardrobe department,” one viewer replied.

“Same wardrobe for THREE episodes! Low wardrobe budget? Bummed about lack of fashion ideas!” a fan tweeted.

“Mirrorball clearly ate up everyone else’s wardrobe budget,” another wrote, while someone else joked, “Did they have to fire the wardrobe department to afford Poodle this week?”

The Masked Singer has revealed ten massive celebrities so far this season, including Tori Spelling as Poodle, Michelle Williams as Microphone, Shannon Noll as Blowfly, Sam Sparro as Popcorn, Matt Preston as Gnome, Emma Watkins as Zombie, Jamie Durie as Tiger, Pia Miranda as Thong, Lisa Curry as Caterpillar and Ryan Moloney as Knight.

The Masked Singer continues 7:30pm Sunday on Ten

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