MAFS' Martha on Cyrell reunion clash: 'I was petrified'

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The MAFS reunion descended into absolute mayhem last night, with fans left shocked at the chaos that ensued between the former brides and grooms.

While tension simmered between Martha Kalifatidis and ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ at the Married At First Sight dinner table, it was Jessika Power Cyrell had a bone to pick with.

 Martha Kalifatidis at the MAFS reunion
Martha Kalifatidis has spoken out about the MAFS reunion. Photo: Channel Nine

The whole night ended with Cyrell throwing a glass of white wine over Jessika’s face, with Martha saying she was actually nervous Cyrell would turn to her next.

I was petrified, I’m not confrontational I’m like all bark no bite that’s me. I like to say a few little things that I would never ever become physical, ever,” Martha said on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa Show.


Cyrell Paule on MAFS reunion in a glittery dress
Cyrell threw a glass of wine in Jessika Power's face. Photo: Channel Nine

Martha also said that while she did the wine-throwing back on season six of the show, she stayed away from it last night.

“I did the initial throwing, that was me I started that trend. She was not coming for me, she wanted Jess,” she said.

Martha said she and Michael Bruneli initially didn’t want to appear at the reunion, saying they felt like it was in the past and they “didn’t want to be back in that environment”.

“It’s hard, it’s high-pressure. I’m not naturally a very nervous person, I don’t really get anxiety but I am nervous and I feel anxious about it. It’s being filmed for the entire country to see, the thing about reality TV is there are little seconds or make it so you forget where the cameras are rolling, that’s what makes reality TV those little snippets,” she said.

Martha and Michael on the MAFS reunion
Martha said she was 'petrified'. Photo: Channel Nine
Martha and Michael on MAFS
Martha and Michael are one of the most successful couples from MAFS. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

After the reunion went to air last night, Martha took to her Instagram to ask people to “be kind”.

“It takes a lot of courage for us all to get up and do what we did. It takes a lot of courage to face your enemies and knowingly walk into confrontation,” she wrote.

Speaking on Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny on Friday morning Martha said she remained sober for the filming of the show.

“It’s wild, is that shocking for you guys? It’s wild!”

“I didn’t drink at all, just thought, you know what I’ve learnt my lesson, like don’t drink on reality TV, hot tip.”

Martha and Michael are one of the only remaining success stories from the show.

The duo has turned their MAFS fame into a profitable Instagram pairing, with Martha boasting just shy of 350k followers, and Michael leaving his job as a teacher to launch his personal training business.


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