MAFS fans' shock after Cyrell hurls wine at Jessika: 'Let it go'

The MAFS reunion descended into expected chaos last night, after some of the most loved participants from over the years burst back onto our screens to catch up with each other.

However, while past contestants such as Troy Delmege, Mike Gunner and Elizabeth Sobinoff seemed to be there to have a good time, others had old scores to settle.

Cyrell Paule on the MAFS reunion
Cyrell Paule threw a glass of wine over Jessika Power at las night's MAFS reunion. Photo: Channel Nine

Cyrell Paule, who appeared on the sixth season of the show, made no secret of the fact that she was there to confront both Jessika Power and Martha Kalifatidis about things they’d said about her and her family in the past - and she didn’t mince her words.

Before the end of the night, Cyrell made it her business to confront Jessika, with all of the mum-of-one’s anger stemming from Jessika apparently calling her relationship with partner Eden Dally fake and all for publicity’s sake.


"I don't want my son to grow up thinking I didn't want him in my life," Cyrell said to the camera as she teared up.

However, Jessika was having none of the drama, and despite walking away once from Cyrell, she didn’t escape the next time, with Cyrell throwing a glass of wine straight at her face.

Jessika Power getting wine thrown over her at the MAFS reunion
Fans think Jessika Power didn't deserve to have a glass of wine thrown over her at the MAFS reunion. Photo: Channel Nine

Twitter users were left shocked by Cyrell’s behaviour, with many taking to the social media platform to vent.

“As much as Jess annoys me, she didn't deserve that treatment from Cyrell. She was trying to disengage and still got attacked,” one person wrote.

“I think Cyrell will regret this later just makes her look awful,” another said.

“Cyrell the only person you are hurting is yourself. Let it go,” a person commented online.

Others called the whole thing “an embarrassment” but admitted they couldn’t look away from the drama.

Speaking previously to Yahoo Lifestyle about the wine throwing incident, 32-year-old Cyrell defended herself, saying: “At the time, it felt f****n good. And now I’m copping the usual [comments, like]: ‘Cyrell’s aggressive’, ‘Cyrell can’t handle things in the right manner’, ‘Cyrell you’re a mother now’.

“For those saying I’m aggressive…. if I wanted to punch someone, I can! And there are reasons why wine was thrown instead of punches.”

In a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram Stories, 28-year-old Jessika also addressed the clash she had with Cyrell at the reunion.

“I don't think somebody necessarily deals with Cyrell,” she responded to a fan query about the incident.

“It’s all about what you want to take in, and how you want the outcome of the conversation to be.”

Jess went on to say that she approached the encounter with a ‘clear head’ which, in her opinion, only frustrated Cyrell, 32, more.

“It goes down guys. It’s going to be really traumatic to watch back but really entertaining for you guys,” she said.

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