MAFS' Samantha hints at cheating rumours surrounding Cameron

Married At First Sight's Samantha Jayne has hinted that the cheating rumours surrounding her 'husband' Cameron Dunne are true.

Rumours began swirling after Nine shared a teaser for what's to come this season and they showed a groom and bride who weren't matched together catching up privately with the man's tattoo matching Cam's.

Samantha and Cameron on Married At First Sight
MAFS' Samantha has hinted at rumours suggesting her husband Cameron cheats on her. Photo: Nine

Fans were left heartbroken by the accidental spoiler because Samantha and Cam appeared to be made for each other on their wedding day. However, on the honeymoon, Cam told Samantha he didn't have an emotional connection with her, despite the fact the pair had just slept together.

This resulted in a huge fight with Cam taking off from the honeymoon, leaving Samantha by herself.


During an interview with Nova's Fitzy and Wippa, Samantha was asked if she felt tricked by Cam when she found out he didn't feel an emotional connection with her.

“Look, I think I thought he was on the same page as me and then the following day when it was all spoken so honestly and brutally it just hit me in the heart," she said.

Things seemed to be going very well for the couple on their honeymoon, but that soon changed. Photo: Nine
Things seemed to be going very well for the couple on their honeymoon, but that soon changed. Photo: Nine

Host Sarah McGilvray asked if Samantha saw more of Cam's point of view after watching the first dinner party back and she said, "Yeah, I watched it back last night and I’m the first to say that I’m not a perfect person, I am critical of myself and yes I could’ve listened to him so much more and taken on board his emotions but you don’t know what you’re going to be like until you’re in that situation.

"The show is so intense. I mean we had a whole week before that dinner party where I didn’t hear one word from Cam, it was only just before the dinner party that he reached out so that's the stuff that you guys don’t see and emotionally I was dealing with my emotions all week by myself."

Samantha continued: "I was in a hotel room by myself for a whole week, I came home from the honeymoon by myself. We had no contact, I had no contact with anyone at all. Because we were in the middle of Covid I couldn’t even go out."

When asked if she'd considered reaching out to him, she revealed she did, but thought that since he was the one who left the honeymoon, he should have been the one to get in touch.

Married At First Sight cheating scandal
An editing fail gave away who the groom involved in a cheating scandal is, as the tattoo matches Cam's. Photo: Nine

Fitzy then asked Samantha about her relationship with Coco Stedman, saying he didn't believe it was the end of their storyline and perhaps their fighting, which began when Coco made fun of the age difference between the mum-of-two and her ex-husband.

"Let’s focus on last night," Samantha said. "It was a big thing of her to come and apologise, she was obviously nervous, I will protect my family unit, because that's what I do and last night we became friends again but look it is not the end of the Coco and Samantha journey."

When asked if there was any partner swapping coming after Coco's partner Sam made it obvious he was attracted to other women at the dinner party, Samantha said, "Look I won’t be the one to tell you that but you can ask them that."

Samantha and Cameron at the MAFS dinner party table
Things between the pair don't look good at this stage. Photo: Nine

The mum was also asked if she believed there was anyone else on the show she would have been better suited to and she said, "On paper, Cam and I were matched perfectly I mean if he had the same kind of feelings for me that I had on honeymoon I think we were gonna have much smoother than what we did on our honeymoon.

"Other than Cam, nobody else on the show is my type. I’m a country girl, I go for country guys. But all the other guys, I'm really good friends with.”

Fitzy then said: "I’m putting it out there that Cameron’s eyes wander somewhere else."

Samantha responded: "Look guys what I will say is that I don’t leave the experiment just yet, I stay on, there is some things that are going to go on but It’s not as if I've given up. We try."

Fitzy then tells Samantha: "Just blink once if he kisses another girl," before Sarah jumps in and says, "Poor thing, she's blinked like 50 times, she's got mascara on, lashes in her eyes!"

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