MAFS expert Dr Trisha Stratford on why she really left the show

She shocked fans when she announced she was stepping away from Married At First Sight after seven seasons as an expert on the reality show.

And now, clinical neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Stratford has revealed exactly why she decided to walk away from the series, where she sat on the panel of experts beside John Aiken and Mel Schilling.

Dr Trisha Stratford on MAFS
Dr Trisha Stratford has spoken out about why she really left the show. Photo: Nine

In an interview with Woman’s Day New Zealand, Trisha said she felt “sick” at some of the dinner parties and believed some of the contestants were” so outrageous and outside the norm” it left her feeling like it wasn't what she had “signed up for”.

“At a couple of dinner parties, I felt sick. I felt in my guts that this wasn’t what I’d want to be watching at home on TV,” she said.


“By the end, I couldn’t compromise my professional and personal standards because there were participants on the show who I felt shouldn’t have been there.

“If someone gets through the critical selection process, when we say we don't want them on the show because they're quite fragile, they're not going to do well after the show.”

Trisha, John Aiken and Mel Schilling.
Trisha left the show, where she sat on the panel of experts beside John Aiken and Mel Schilling.Photo: Nine

Last year. Dr. Trisha announced that she was stepping down from her role as expert on the controversial reality show.

"After seven seasons of Married At First Sight I have decided to step back from the television series to focus on my writing, research and neuropsychotherapy."

"I've been involved right from the beginning in the challenge of bringing this social experiment to television. The program provides a platform for an ongoing conversation on relationships and I wish the program continued success and hope future participants find everlasting love."

A short time later, it was announced that she had been replaced by clinical sexologist, Alessandra Rampolla.

Alessandra admitted that she knew nothing about the reality series before she was contacted about the role, and watched all seven seasons while in hotel quarantine.

Alessandra Rampolla on MAFS
Trisha has since been replaced by Alessandra Rampolla. Photo: Nine

"I ended up crossing paths with someone in Australia who I stayed in contact with, and they ended up contacting me about MAFS, which I knew nothing about!" Alessandra told 9 Entertainment.

"I then of course binge-watched the series over, I don't know, five days? I didn't sleep, I wanted to see what happens with the couples! I was in quarantine at the time, so it was perfect."

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