MAFS’ Olivia calls police as angry viewers hurl abuse at her at home

The backlash against Married at First Sight bride Olivia Frazer has been severe.

In the wake of the highly controversial ‘nude photo scandal’, the teaching student has lost her job, seen thousands of people sign a petition demanding the e-safety commissioner take action against her, and had death threats levelled at her and her loved ones.

However, in a video posted on Saturday, Olivia reveals that the situation has sunk to a whole new low.

Olivia, 28, says she had to call the police after people drove to her house and started hurling abuse at her.

screenshot of Olivia frazer from MAFS
Olivia Frazer says people drove up to her house and started hurling verbal abuse at her, in a video shared on Saturday. Photo: Supplied

“Some lunatics have just pulled up outside my home - don't know how they got my address - and have screamed that I’m a c***, I’m a rat, and I should die in a hole,” she says in the video.

“I can barely go out in public and now I can’t even chill at home.”

She adds that as well as the police, she also reported the incident to ‘Channel Nine security’, and spoke to her mum and TV husband Jackson.

A spokesperson for NSW Police tells Yahoo Lifestyle that a report has been made and inquiries were conducted.

Abusive messages sent to her phone

Getting off social media hasn’t been enough to stem the onslaught of hate directed at Olivia, and in a recent interview with Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, the reality TV said says she’s also been receiving abusive text messages from former clients who have her private number from when she used to work as a driving instructor.

“Not just kids I used to teach, but parents [messaged me] to call me a pig, a delusional t**t,” she explained, adding that she’s in a bad place.


“I think that was the breaking point, when I started getting texts to my phone, because I’d removed myself from online.

“That was really, really breaking point – people that I know, saying I’m disgusting, and they’re mortified they let me teach their kids to drive.”

MAFS star Olivia Frazer
Olivia Frazer has lost her job 'as a direct result of the show' and has also received death threats from angry viewers. Photo: Nine

‘Blindsided’ by producers

At another point in her podcast interview with Mia Freedman, Olivia touched on the nude photo scandal that has been the catalyst for much of the viewer backlash, saying that she was ‘blindsided’ by the way it played out on screen.

Explaining her side of the story, she said that she received the photo from friends while out drinking in an off-camera moment with some of her fellow cast members during the retreat.

She shared what she had been sent with those present, but maintains she was never out for revenge and that neither she nor her producer when she first mentioned the photo thought it was a ‘big deal’.

“The whole storyline looks like I’m out for revenge and a malicious person, and I’m not,” she said.

“I was just really naive. I just didn’t think it was a big deal because it was so publicly accessible. I didn’t think it was a secret, I didn’t think I was outing anybody.”

She went on to add, “I was just really blindsided by production because they were putting words in my mouth and saying I did it out of revenge.”

“That ‘revenge’ word is such a massive trigger - like, they’ve got my face on the ad with the big red ‘revenge’ title above it. That’s a really serious accusation, and that was not what happened.”

olivia and jackson from MAFS
The 28-year-old says her relationship with Jackson is one of the few things helping her cope with the hate. Photo: Nine

Cast turns against her

While it’s clear no love has been lost between Olivia and her onscreen rival Domenica, some fans were angered on Sunday when Domenica hosted a viewing party for the reunion special where there was a sign saying, “We do not serve Olivias” alongside a photo of Olivia’s face.

Some people on Instagram commented that the very public party was exacerbating the anti-Olivia sentiment, with one person saying, “Taking it too far. You don't fix bullying with bullying. Wrong message being sent.”

Another wrote, “The girl lost her job and received a torrent of abuse… Thought you didn’t carry a grudge?”

Backlash takes a toll

In her column for Yahoo Lifestyle, fellow reality TV alum Angie Kent said that she holds concerns for Olivia and the impact the viewer backlash may be having on her mental health.

“The amount of online hate Olivia is receiving is starting to make me feel quite ill at ease,” she said.

“If she is in fact the way she is being portrayed, then I do hope the feedback - if that’s what you want to call full-on John online bullying - assists her with improving herself entirely.

“(However,) if editing has a massive part, and the chopping and changing of what’s been filmed is making it that little bit next level, then I do fear for her mental health. Heavily. I mean, I already do fear for her mental health but more so.”

She later called on the public to back off, saying, "Now the show is done, let's leave her and her dross with the end of this show. No one deserves this much hate from a horrendous reality TV show."

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