MAFS' Cody speaks out after brutally dumping Selina at the reunion

After experiencing one of the rockiest relationships on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, which included accusations of gaslighting and racism, Cody Bromley and Selina Chhaur managed to go all the way in the experiment and commit to one another at the Final Vows.

And while it appeared as though they managed to stay strong up until the reunion, the couple revealed during Monday night’s final episode that they had actually broken up the night before.

MAFS’ Cody Bromley and Selina Chhaur.
MAFS’ Cody Bromley and Selina Chhaur announced during the reunion episode that they had broken up. Photo: Channel Nine

The pair sat down on the couch in front of the experts and fellow participants to watch their tumultuous journey back on-screen before dropping the bombshell.

“Selina and I decided to call things last night,” Cody announced, leaving the room shocked.

Selina went on to explain that her TV ‘husband’ was the one to end the relationship after filming Sunday night’s reunion dinner party.


“Things were great, we had a discussion that I was to move to Sydney around April. He made all those moves, I never pressured any of that,” she detailed.

“Last night he was a bit more standoffish than usually. After everyone was gone I went and grabbed his hand, and he kind of just flinched and took it away.

“I was like, 'Oh, okay, is it that bad holding my hand?’. And he was like, ‘I just don't want to’ and that's when I do say things like, ‘Well, why am I here? Let me go if you’re not feeling it’.

“And he said, ‘I want to end things’.”

MAFS’ Selina Chhaur crying.
Selina was in tears when sharing the story of their breakup the previous night. Photo: Channel Nine

‘The feelings are still there’

Following the episode, Cody spoke openly with 9Entertainment about his decision to end things and how he’s currently feeling.

“Right now I'm obviously hurting so it's obviously not an ideal situation. You just feel a bit hollow, your appetite is gone,” he said.

“I just didn't sort of feel that we completely resolved all of our issues. Because we were so up and down, every time we were at that good point you just think, ‘This is so worth it’, and when you're at those down points you're just really starting to question, ‘Why are we in this relationship?’”

He also explained that their relationship felt “forced” when she would grab his hand and pull it towards her, but she will always hold a special place in his heart.

“The feelings are still there, I do want her to be a part of my life, like absolutely, I'm always going to care so much,” he continued.

“We just need to give each other a space. We're not doing the best things we can for each other, like we're both upset, we're frustrated. And that's not what a relationship should be, it doesn't matter how much you care for the person. I don't want to keep hurting her and it shouldn't be like that.”

MAFS’ Cody Bromley.
Cody said he’s ‘always going to care so much’ about Selina. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Dodged a bullet’

While there were plenty of fans on social media who called out Cody’s behaviour on the show, labelling his actions as “cruel” and “nasty”, others were supportive of his decision to break up as they believed that Selina was “too good for him” anyways.

“Selina dodged a bullet which she’ll see in the long run,” one fan wrote, followed by a different user who said, “This relationship ending is the best thing to happen Selina”.

“Cody is such an idiot. He doesn't see what's good in front of him. He deserves to be single and Selina deserves so much better,” another remarked.

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