MAFS star's embarrassing TikTok fail: 'Nailed it'

Married At First Sight star Al Perkins has had an embarrassing mishap in a video he posted to fans on TikTok.

The season nine husband posted a video on the platform after contestants were handed back access to social media last week.

Al shared the TikTok with the caption, "MAFS dinner party pre game", and is seen sitting on a couch in his underwear with a drink.

Al Perkins sits on a couch in his underwear (left) and takes a swig of a drink while wearing a suit (right).
MAFS star Al Perkins was seen with his fly undone. Source: TikTok/@Al_perkins

The video then shows him throwing his shoe before it snaps to the carpenter fully dressed in a shirt and suit pants and jacket.

As he takes a swig of his drink, it is glaringly obvious the MAFS star left his fly undone.


Fans mocked the star on TikTok for the wardrobe mishap.

"Nailed it hun," one commented.

"Quick, get mum to do your fly up," another joked.

"Your zipper's undone bro," a third added.

Others said they were surprised he wasn't doing a shoey, a stunt he became famous for after he drank from his shoe during the first MAFS dinner party of the season.

'I got a girl pregnant'

Al is known for often joking around, but left his mum fuming after he played a prank on her during a segment on the Kyle and Jackie O show last week.

While appearing on the show, he mentioned his mum's worst nightmare is that he’ll get a girl pregnant, which the hosts thought would make a perfect prank.

Al started the prank by calling his mother, Joyce, warning her that he had something important to get off his chest.

“I don’t know how to say this,” he began.

“I got a girl pregnant, I met her once. I’ve known for a while now and I just didn’t know how to say it."

Joyce was outraged, yelling at her son, “Are you an idiot? I mean, you're going to destroy your life completely. And who is this girl?”

Al went on to explain that it was a one night stand, a mystery woman that he did shoeys with.

After coming clean and telling her it was just a joke, his mum ended the call on a sour note.

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