MAFS' Carolina and Daniel spill on the reunion moment that never aired

From the moment they met at their first dinner party, Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes definitely caused quite a stir on this year’s season of Married At First Sight.

Now, the couple have spoken exclusively with Yahoo Lifestyle about how they announced their romance to the cast, why they think they weren’t allowed to stay in the experiment, and what didn’t make it to air from the explosive reunion.

MAFS' Daniel and Carolina.
MAFS’ Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes have opened up about the explosive reunion. Photo: Channel Nine

The Secret

While Daniel and Carolina spent a few weeks forming a relationship behind their fellow cast members’ backs, the Brazilian-born bride says that there were plenty of moments throughout the experiment where she wanted to tell others about Daniel.

“Many times I wanted to just talk to anybody, but I wasn't allowed to,” she reveals.

“And I think the main thing for me was also not having to put any of the girls in that position of having to know something like that and having to deal with all the heat that I'm dealing with now. But it was hard having no one to talk to about it and get that kind of advice from a girlfriend.”

The Reveal

Eventually, Carolina and Daniel told producers that they wanted to come clean to the cast and experts and announce their romance at the commitment ceremony.

“There were definitely people behind the scenes that didn’t want it to come out when it did, but would rather it continue on for as long as possible to be honest, because it’s just better for TV I guess,” Daniel explains.

“But in turn, it's really bad for us and we didn’t want that. We already knew the heat was coming and we wanted to just try and face it sooner than later.”


“We tried on multiple occasions to come clean and we were told at some stage that they wanted to save it for the reunion, and we were like, ‘No that’s not happening, that’s not how things are going to go’,” Carolina adds.

Daniel continues: “The reason that we came in so late in that commitment ceremony was because we were legitimately on strike and we stormed in. Obviously, it was planned to come in, but no one in the room knew. No one actually knew except the people behind the scenes, like the producers.”

MAFS' Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes at the commitment ceremony.
‘No one actually knew except the people behind the scenes’. Photo: Channel Nine

The Decision

After storming into the commitment ceremony, leaving both the experts and participants in shock, John Aiken told them that there was “no way” he would allow them to re-enter the experiment together.

“The producers made us both believe that the chances of us continuing together was pretty high because it has happened in previous seasons, so we had no clue that it could possibly have been a ‘no, we’re not allowing it’,” Carolina says.

“I know why though,” Daniel chimes in. “One, it was too late in the season, sort of. Maybe that's a tiny bit. But two, they've copped so much heat and they knew they were going to cop a lot of heat with this season because there were a lot of big factors.

“Weren’t there petitions written and stuff because of cheaters last season? So they just didn't want the potential heat of that. I don’t know. Who knows, who cares.”

The Advice

Speaking about previous cheating scandals, Carolina says that she’s since spoken with season six star Jessika Power who was involved in one of the show’s most infamous affairs with Dan Webb.

“I did reach out to her once filming was over,” she reveals.

“She was just being really lovely and just assuring me that everything will be fine. Everyone will understand and at the end of the day, it's not a real marriage. You’re not cheating on your real husband of 10 years. It's just a reality show so everyone will eventually get over it.”

MAFS' Jessika Power and Dan Webb.
Jessika Power and Dan Webb had a cheating scandal in season six. Photo: Channel Nine

The Alternate Reality

It’s evident that Carolina and Daniel’s relationship has blossomed without the help from the experts, but plenty of fans have wondered whether or not they would’ve worked as a couple if they were matched together right from the start.

“It would have been chaos because [the producers] are so good at just making people clash,” Daniel laughs.

“It would have been much harder for sure, so it's probably a good thing we weren’t!” Carolina says. “But I think we would have worked, for sure. We had our challenges on the outside as well and we still made it work, just like any normal couple.”

MAFS' Carolina Santos at the girls' night.
Carolina says the girls’ night was ‘easy’ for her. Photo: Channel Nine

The Girls’ Night

Aside from the brief grilling by Tamara Djordjevic, Carolina says that the girls’ night was “easy” because the brides were “understanding” and there were no issues seeing Daniel’s ‘ex-wife’ Jessica Seracino again.

“With Jess, she had left the experiment, she didn't want anything to do with Daniel anyway, so I knew she wasn't going to be cut or anything,” she details.

“They didn't show our real conversation because when we were talking, Tamara and Selin [Mengu] were literally yelling at each other so they couldn't use that footage. So Jess and I had like a two-minute conversation and she was like, ‘Oh girl that's all good, go for it. I’m happy for you’.”

Carolina went on to call Jessica her “closest friend” from MAFS as they both entered the show as intruders and bonded over a mutual dissatisfaction with their husbands, and Daniel asserts that he has no issue with their friendship.

“Me and Jess, plain and simple, we just didn't get along like that, we didn't connect like that,” he says. “And now Carolina and Jess get along really well, so it’s fine.

“We haven't spoken much but I know we're both civil. We're both on the same level, it’s all good.”

MAFS' Jessica Seracino.
Carolina and Jessica, who was ‘married’ to Daniel on the show, are now close friends. Photo: Channel Nine

The Boys’ Night

While the girls’ night might have come across as more dramatic on TV than it was in real life, Daniel describes the boys’ night as the complete opposite.

“It was way more hectic in real life,” he shares.

“I walked in and I didn't know what to expect. And I had a producer that I’d never had before and he was like, ‘Daniel, when you go in there, go give them a piece of your mind, tell them what’s up!’. Like, really trying to wind me up.

“Believe it or not, the producers are very, very good at getting you to behave in a certain way. And people are like, ‘Oh, you’re blaming the edit on the producer’. No, no, no. Trust me, they’re good, otherwise, they wouldn't have the job. But it was heated as hell, it was pretty awkward at times.”

MAFS' Daniel Holmes at the boys' night.
‘It was heated as hell, it was pretty awkward at times’. Photo: Channel Nine

The Reunion

At the reunion dinner party, Carolina and Daniel sat at the end of the table and felt a large sense of animosity from the other participants.

“These people were like animals towards us, just with the words of hate and name-calling,” Daniel says.

“By that point, we were just like, ‘Whatever, we’re just chilling. Say what you want’. And there was a lot that you didn't get to see. There were proper arguments that went on, but that’s why we had this ‘smug attitude’. It was either, we kind of just say, ‘Whatever, see you later, we don’t give a shit’, or we sit there and cry. It’s one or the other because people are savage.”

“We kind of had each other to support and so we were just like, ‘Come at us, we’ll come straight back at you’,” Carolina adds.

MAFS' Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes kissing at the reunion dinner party.
Carolina and Daniel were a united front at the reunion dinner party. Photo: Channel Nine

The Unseen Moment

One particularly intense moment during the dinner party was when Daniel stood up to yell at the group, but it cut to an ad break and viewers had no idea what he said - until now.

“If I'm completely honest, it was about Bryce [Ruthven] from last season,” he admits. “They were going, ‘There’s a mole in the group! Someone’s speaking to Bryce!’, and then they said, ‘There’s a mole in the group, somebody’s speaking to a paparazzi!’.

“And this particular paparazzi, I knew everyone was speaking to, so they were pointing the fingers at us and I just said, ‘You’re all fake as f**k! Every single one of you has this person in your DMs, 100%’.

“By that point, I was like, ‘We’re in a relationship, I don’t need any of you guys’. So yeah, we just gave it straight back.”

Part three of Carolina and Daniel’s exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle will be released on Wednesday.

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