MAFS' Al shocks mum with 'f**king ridiculous' radio prank

Known as one of the most entertaining Married At First Sight stars, Al Perkins has proven he loves to joke around.

His on-screen wife, Samantha Moitzi, criticised the groom’s lack of maturity while they were on the show, and his latest stunt shows he hasn’t grown up at all.

Al Perkins pictured with his mother Joyce and sister at lunch. Joyce is wearing a white top, there is a pizza in front of Al, who is wearing a black top.
Al Perkins from Married At First Sight played a cruel prank on his mum. Photo: Instagram/al.perkinss

Appearing on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday, the reality TV star mentioned that his mum's worst nightmare is that he’ll get a girl pregnant, which the hosts thought would make a perfect prank.

Al started the prank by calling his mother, Joyce, warning her that he had something important to get off his chest.

“I don’t know how to say this,” he began.

“I got a girl pregnant, I met her once. I’ve known for a while now and I just didn’t know how to say it."


Joyce was outraged, yelling at her son, “Are you an idiot? I mean, you're going to destroy your life completely. And who is this girl?”

Al went on to explain that it was a one night stand, a mystery woman that he did shoeys with.

Joyce continued to get more riled up when Al dropped the bomb that not only had he impregnated someone, but she was also five months along.

“You’re gonna be a father in four months,” she exclaimed. “There is no solution to this, you’re a father.”

Joyce was clearly distressed and it seemed like the prank needed to stop — but Al continued the ruse. To make matters worse, he asked Joyce for money and said he would need to move the mystery woman into their family home.

Joyce was shaken and told her son a resounding no.

"This is f**king ridiculous. I am not responsible for sh*t like that. Give me her number,” his mum snapped.

The radio hosts jumped on the line and tried to play it off as a harmless prank, saying that Al definitely wasn't having a baby.

Joyce wasn’t happy and the call ended on a sour note: “I can’t believe this. I’m shaking. I’m confused, I’ve got emotions running [through] me,” she replied.

Al Perkins pictured with a shocked face on the set of Married At First Sight
The Married At First Sight star is known for being entertaining. Photo: Nine

Fans were divided on social media, with some labelling the prank as cruel.

“That’s rude and mean,” one remarked.

“This guy needs to grow up, another added.

Others praised his mum, with one saying, “His mum is a savage!”

“Omg she took it well, what a mum,” a fan chimed in.

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