Channel Nine issue warning to all MAFS stars as they regain their Instagram

After spending the past few months without access to their Instagram accounts, this year’s Married At First Sight cast have finally regained control.

Channel Nine has been in charge of the participants’ social media profiles since the start of the year to monitor what was being posted, as well as the comments and messages being received, while the show was on-air.

MAFS' Al Perkins and Selina Chhaur taking a selfie.
This year’s Married At First Sight cast have finally regained access to their Instagram accounts. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

And while the stars were finally able to log back into Instagram on Wednesday, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that the network issued a warning to the brides and grooms about how they should be using the platform.

Each cast member was reportedly advised to “move on” from the show and the dramas that unfolded, rather than reigniting feuds with their co-stars on such a public scale.


A show source tells us: “Since the finale aired, the cast has essentially divided in two, with each side leaking stories and taking swipes at the other in the media to try and come out on top.

“It's all become very childish, and Channel Nine worry that now they've all got their accounts back they'll use them to stir drama and try to tear each other down even more. The cast have essentially been told to just move on and focus on their future instead.”

MAFS cast at Fitzy and Wippa's dinner party.
A source claims that the cast has been told to ‘move on’ and ‘focus on their future. Photo: Supplied

Since regaining access to their Instagram accounts, there have already been a number of interesting updates amongst the cast’s profiles.

Brent Vitiello

Not only did Brent share a sweet post with Ella Ding in Melbourne this week, adding to the ever-growing speculation that the pair are dating, but he also updated his Instagram bio to take a dig at his ex, Tamara Djordjevic.

“Good luck, good riddance,” the bio reads, referencing his iconic exit line at Final Vows.

He’s also shared an Instagram Story at an event with Love Island’s Taku Chimwaza, and went live with Al Perkins and Jack Millar on Wednesday night.

Olivia Frazer

This season’s most controversial bride has also updated her bio, writing: “Just here for a good time.”

As well as this, Olivia shared a photo of herself drinking a cocktail alongside the caption, “Cheers to getting better and not staying bitter”.

MAFS' Olivia Frazer.
Olivia Frazer has shared her first photo since regaining control of her social media. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

Tamara Djordjevic

Tamara is yet to update her Instagram bio completely, but has shared a mirror selfie with a very pointed caption.

“Never take advice from someone who’s life you wouldn’t want to live,” she wrote.

Domenica Calarco

Domenica’s Instagram bio now reads “Me, my dog and I”, and her first Instagram Story was a photo of Vegemite toast in the shape of a love heart.

She’s also gone live on Instagram twice since regaining access, the second time with her bestie Ella where they teased a joint podcast.

Ella Ding

Ella is one of the many stars who were quick to change their bio, writing: “Just me navigating through the next chapters of life.”

She’s also unfollowed a number of her co-stars, including her ex Mitchell Eynaud, and has gone live on her Instagram where she admitted that she doesn’t love social media and typically goes without it for a few months each year.

MAFS’ Domenica Calaro and Ella Ding.
Domenica and Ella both reportedly received rude phone calls from Tamara while she was out. Photos: Matrix/Supplied

Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes

The two stars involved in this year’s infamous cheating scandal appear more loved up than ever on social media.

Carolina has updated her Instagram bio to include her partner’s name next to a red heart, while Daniel has listed himself as ‘MAFS Winner 2022’ in his bio.

The personal trainer has also shared a group photo posing with Carolina, Olivia and Jackson as they all hold up peace signs.

“V for villain!” he captioned the post. “On the real, some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.”

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