MAFS spoiler: Leaked snaps reveal Tahnee and Ollie's fate

The Married At First Sight couple tied the knot on Wednesday night.

MAFS introduced fans to Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton on Wednesday night, the youngest couple to enter the experiment this year. The bride, 27, was nervous about meeting her match, but the 26-year-old voice-over artist instantly set her at ease.

The sweet couple bonded at the altar over their shared love of takeaways, and Ollie was blown away after learning about Tahnee’s Thai heritage. After the bubbly blonde shared that her favourite thing to do is cook Thai food with her mum, he revealed that Thai food is his favourite cuisine.

MAFS stars Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton at their wedding ceremony
MAFS contestants Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton bonded at the altar and had instant chemistry. Photo: Nine

In direct contrast to the conflict seen between Janelle and Adam during the episode, Tahnee described her wedding as “the best first date ever”.

Tahnee’s sister and close friend told producers that they were “obsessed” with her match, giving the couple the seal of approval.

After an emotional first dance which ended in a kiss, the pair headed off to Fiji for a romantic honeymoon.


Fans are rooting for the young couple to survive the ruthless experiment, and photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle have revealed they seem to have gone the distance.

Tahnee and Ollie from MAFS in a parking garage
The couple were spotted looking cosy in Sydney recently. Photo: Supplied

In a set of leaked snaps showing Tahnee and Ollie together in Sydney, the pair looked extremely cosy in a parking garage.

In the photos, the blonde beauty is seen dolled up with a full face of makeup and straightened hair. She donned a yellow top with a high neck as she touched Ollie flirtatiously on the shoulder.

Ollie looked more relaxed, wearing a simple black shirt as he stole a moment with his onscreen ‘bride’. The couple appeared to be waiting to get into a vehicle as they chatted briefly with a worker.

Tahnee and Ollie from MAFS in a parking garage by a blue vehicle
Fans will be excited to see the pair still going strong. Photo: Supplied
Tahnee and Ollie talking to a man in a parking garage
The couple stayed close as they waited for a vehicle. Photo: Supplied

The surprising truth about MAFS’ Lyndall

This comes after some leaked photos of Lyndall Grace at a dinner party were uncovered by Yahoo Lifestyle. The bride, who has been open about her battle with cystic fibrosis, has proved to be a firm fan favourite.

While other brides live for the drama caused on the show, Lyndall is the complete opposite. During one upcoming dinner party filmed in September, the bride was photographed seemingly removing herself as drama started.

MAFS contestant Lyndall playing with a ball and reading a book
MAFS contestant Lyndall was seen removing herself from any drama at a dinner party. Photo: Supplied

Instead of joining in the arguing, Lyndall was spotted across the room by the window, reading a book, playing with a ball and looking out at the view.


A show insider told Yahoo Lifestyle, "Lyndall is unlike the rest of the brides and really went on for the right reasons. She had no interest joining in when everyone was fighting and didn't want to be around the negativity."

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