MAFS' Selina reveals sweet meaning behind major hair transformation

While there were plenty of Australian stars who celebrated the return of the TV WEEK Logie Awards on Sunday after a two-year hiatus, Selina Chhaur was excited to attend the event for the very first time.

Before she walked the red carpet, Yahoo Lifestyle caught up with the Married At First Sight bride in her hotel room where she talked us through her look and opened up about her dramatic post-show transformation.

Selina Chhaur on MAFS / Selina Chhaur at the 2022 Logies.
MAFS’ Selina Chhaur has revealed the sweet meaning behind her dramatic hair transformation. Photos: Channel Nine/Supplied

Selina explains that she decided to dye her blonde hair back to her natural shade of brown in April when she embarked on a self-love journey following the intense TV experience.

“I had a lot of therapy after MAFS and I obviously realised that I was holding on to a lot of things from my childhood,” she says.

“I got bullied quite a bit when I was younger because I was different, and bullying doesn't just mean people yell at you or push you around. Bullying can actually just be like blatantly leaving someone out and making them feel excluded because they’re different, and that's what I experienced a lot as a child.”


The 33-year-old hairdresser adds that she didn’t know she had been “holding on to that pain and trauma” from growing up until certain comments were made on MAFS.

“What happened and what was said cut deep and that was just next level, and obviously if I had healed that trauma as a child I wouldn't have probably reacted as I did when that happened,” she continues.

“After MAFS I went home, did a lot of reflecting and I was like, you know what? I’m going to embrace my natural look. I love being Asian and I love my culture and I’m proud, so I want to represent!”

‘It’s just been so empowering’

Selina went on to say that another major part of her transformation, both externally and internally, was when she stopped wearing her blue contact lenses.

“Whenever I went out, it was this own little pressure that I put on myself that I had to put my blue contacts in to feel confident and beautiful. That was really sad,” she says.

“I thought having blonde hair and blue eyes was attractive and I only felt beautiful when I had my blue contacts in and when I had my freshly done blonde hair. It’s just been so empowering and liberating to go back to my natural roots. I’m loving it.”

MAFS’ Selina Chhaur at the 2022 Logies.
‘It’s just been so empowering and liberating to go back to my natural roots.’ Photo: Supplied

‘Cinderella moment’

Speaking about attending the Logies for the very first time, Selina admits she’s mainly excited rather than feeling nervous.

“I never in a million years thought that this would ever happen to me,” she remarks.

“I’ve always done hair backstage for runway shows, photo shoots and Sydney Fashion Week and stuff. I think that’s why it's such a big Cinderella moment for me because I’m actually so introverted and I’m usually the backstage girl hiding with my lanyard somewhere. And now it's weird being on the other end where people are taking photos of me.

“I just feel so empowered with my new look - well it's not really new, it's just embracing myself and another layer to my self-love journey and it's just been incredible and I'm just so blessed and grateful to be here.”

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