MAFS star reacts to Tori's 'food chain' comments to Cassandra: 'Pretty icky'

Tahnee Cook shares her thoughts on the events on this weeks MAFS.

We’re halfway into season 11 of Married at First Sight Australia and we had the family visits this week. I think this is one of my least favourite weeks and it’s also little more chill in comparison to the others - well so I thought!

Firstly, we see a (not so) shock exit from Madeline and Ash. Based on what was shown, it was quite confusing as a viewer and very clearly there was context missing as to why they were leaving the experiment. I assume something happened off-camera which prompted the exit. I’m quite surprised with these dramatic exits on this year's season - with Simon not even making it to the wedding, Natalie and Collins, then Madeline and Ash. It makes me wonder if we’ll see any more walkouts from other couples.

What will Michael have to say to Timothy? Credit: Channel Nine
I loved that Michael was so straight up with Timothy. Credit: Channel Nine

The family visits always bring some drama to the dynamics and we see a little bit of this with a few couples. I could tell instantly that production was going to continue on the “worst best man” storyline with Sara and Tim. I’m glad they were a united front and didn’t let the jokes get in the way of where they are currently at. I also loved Lucinda’s dad and how he was coming in hot at Timothy. It’s frustrating to see Timothy’s negative energy still lingering and I'm really hoping this doesn’t dull Lucinda’s shine.


Thinking back to when Ollie and I did family visits, I’m going to be honest and say it felt super rushed and that I don’t think we had as much time as we would have liked with our family. At this point in the experiment, Ollie had been away from home for around 7 weeks so you can imagine how homesick he was (and how you'd be). Production had flown my sister up from Melbourne, as well as Ollie’s mum and sister from Perth. We got to have a lovely (filmed) lunch together which you saw on the show, but unfortunately that was all the time we got to spend with them. We weren’t allowed to have any time off camera which eas was such a bummer. I completely get that production wants to capture the whole interaction and not miss any drama, but it felt like we spent more time doing all our voxxies than actually catching up...but that’s TV I guess!

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Ok, let’s get into the dinner party.

I have to express my appreciation for Eden and Jayden’s matching red dinner party outfits. I always tried to get Ollie to match me and I did get him to wear pink with me in the end, but it was a long game. So absolutely love to see these two always coordinate their outfits perfectly - chefs kiss!

We love a matching moment! Credit: Channel Nine
We love a matching moment! Credit: Channel Nine

This week’s drama was centred around Queen Lucinda and Mr Grumpy Timothy. We can see tension build in the group around the progress of their relationship and this becomes the key topic of discussion at the dinner table. My initial thoughts are, that I feel producers have pressed the cast on Lucinda and Timothy’s relationship, and I can imagine them urging people to speak up on this at the dinner party. We were always encouraged to say our opinions and sometimes even given a little nudge from producers to do so - which I always did at my discretion. But it gave me a good indication of what the drama was going to be walking into the dinner party.

We see the blow-up with Jayden and Timothy and honestly, I couldn’t disagree with the valid points Jayden was making. I couldn’t stop giggling at how unbothered Jayden was, whilst Timothy was sitting there absolutely fuming and seething. I think Timothy could learn so much from the younger couples in the experiment. I feel that the younger couples can sometimes get overlooked and not taken seriously. In our season, Ollie and I were pushed as the “Gen Z / youngest couple ever” on MAFS and we pretty much stayed away from the drama and put our focus on our relationship at the time. I think this was a big factor in us making it through the experiment the way we did. Although MAFS is also a social experiment, I think it’s important to focus on what you care about and if that’s drama amongst the group, sure, but I always tried to keep things focused on myself and my partner.

Tori's comment to Cassandra was pretty icky. Credit: Channel Nine
Tori's comment to Cassandra was pretty icky. Credit: Channel Nine

It’s absolutely WILD for Tori to be saying she’d never stand by a guy like Timothy, whilst she’s sitting right next to Mr “Muzzle Your Woman” Jack. I’m all about Cassandra chiming in and just love how she handles herself amongst the chaos. I’m not loving the start of this beef we are seeing between Tori and Cassandra. I think Tori’s comments around her being at the top of the food chain and alluding to Cassandra being at the bottom is just poor taste and there’s a really bad undertone here that is quite icky. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what she meant by this, but I give props to Cassandra for calling things out how she sees it and, honestly, for just speaking facts.


I’m still so surprised at the amount of couples we still have left in the experiment, we surely are losing at least one this week. Ellie and Ben have to be leaving, I can’t bear to listen to another song from Ben!

I’m really looking forward to next week and honestly can’t wait to see what at the retreat - we all know MAFS steps it up from here so batten down the hatches!

Until next week!

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