MAFS' Collins reveals he was 'approached' for the show three times

EXCLUSIVE: Collins Christian opens up about his journey to appear on season 11.

Married At First Sight’s Collins Christian has revealed that he has been “approached” to appear on the reality show every year since 2021.

During a tell-all interview on Yahoo Lifestyle’s podcast Behind the Edit, the season 11 groom confessed that he never actually applied to be on MAFS.

MAFS’ Collins Christian.
MAFS’ Collins Christian spills on the process of getting on the reality show. Photo: Yahoo

“I know people have said, ‘Oh, you're an actor, we saw you audition last year’,” he shared.

“I'll come out and say right now I've been approached for MAFS three times and this was the one where I went all the way.”


Collins explained that the first reality series he applied for was an unnamed “American and Australian speed dating show” in 2021, which was allegedly cancelled due to Covid, and the MAFS producers contacted him later that year because he was supposedly kept on a “database”.

“The first time [the casting agent called] I got pretty far and then didn't make it to the very end,” he detailed.

“Last season I made it to the very end where I've gotten the call saying, ‘Pack your things, we’ve found you a wife, it’s time to go’. And then a week before I get told, ‘Look, Collins unfortunately your wife has pulled out’.”

MAFS' Collins Christian.
Collins says he was close to appearing on last year’s season before his match ‘pulled out’. Photo: Channel Nine

'Pure curiosity'

Collins went on to say that two weeks after he moved from WA to Sydney late last year, he received another call from MAFS’ casting agents.

“I was really reluctant because I said, ‘I can't be screwed around like that again. I quit my job for all of that and I can't be screwed’,” he recalled.

“They always say, ‘We can’t give certainty, but we're really hopeful that it will go all the way’. And here we are. I could tell that they were really keen for sure, and it was a really quick process. What they do is they say, ‘Alright, send us a form of everything that you want in a girl’ and stuff like that, and before I even sent in what I fully wanted, I got the call saying, ‘Hey Collins, we’ve found you the one’.

“People say, ‘You’re a fraud, you’re an actor, you’ve never been in a relationship, what are you doing you fool?’. It’s pure curiosity for myself. If I get the call saying, ‘We’ve found you the one’, I have to give it a go and find out.”

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