MAFS star Domenica Calarco suffers major blow amid backlash

This year’s Married At First Sight cast are collectively losing thousands of Instagram followers a week, with fan favourite Domenica Calarco losing almost 4,000 in the last 30 days.

Statistics from social media analytics website Social Blade show some cast members losing hundreds of fans a day alone, as viewers of the reality show turn their back on them.

In the last 30 days, Domenica Calarco has been unfollowed by 3,990 people, dropping her to 574,718 total fans.

Similarly, Brent Vitiello has lost 3,030 followers in the last 30 days and now has 457,482, and Ella Ding has lost 810, leaving her with 600,868.

Although these drops may seem substantial, Dom, Ella and Brent still remain this year’s most followed contestants on Instagram.

Domenica Calarco poses in a red dress.
Domenica Calarco has lost 3990 followers on Instagram in the past 30 days. Source: Channel 9

The social media blow comes after Dom and Ella copped backlash for their latest podcast episodes, with a number of fans saying they were "immature" and "materialistic".

Their Sit With Us podcast was touted to be a huge success, with industry insiders tipping it could lead to a national radio show.

But it appears many fans now are disappointed in the MAFS stars' podcast, with many leaving scathing reviews on their recent episodes.

A listener dubbed the pair "immature" in a review on Apple Podcasts.

"Shine has worn off," the scathing review said.

"I really liked both girls on MAFS but unfortunately, their true colours and immaturity are now showing in this podcast. Since all the MAFS 'drama' has now finally subsided, it's very evident that there's no real substance here.

"The girls both just come across as very materialistic, boy-crazy and VIP party/celeb-obsessed. A shame because I wanted to love it."

Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding on their Europe holiday.
Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding have copped scathing reviews on their podcast. Source: Instagram

Another listener said the podcast "has no substance".

"One thing lately is the talk about how much everything costs, 'Oh I spent $1200 on dinner', 'We went to a $65 million house', 'We bought designer this and that', 'The champagne cost $1200', or whatever...," they wrote.

Star loses hundreds of followers in 24 hours

Other popular cast members have also seen a decrease in followers, with Olivia Frazer losing 743 followers in seven days from August 16 to August 22, taking her to 190,971.

On August 19, Jackson Lonie lost 352 followers in just 24 hours after posting an Instagram Reel promoting a nutritionist, leaving him with 129,187.

Selina Chhaur has lost 450 followers in the past 30 days, while Mitch Eynaud lost 1830.

Dom's on-screen husband Jack Millar copped a loss of 3000 followers.

It is worth noting that the cast members are still attracting some new followers, but are predominantly losing more than they’re gaining each day.

The cast of MAFS season 9 sit on a couch.
Most MAFS stars have lost more followers than they've gained in the past 30 days. Source: Nova

Throughout August, Tamara Djordjevic has gained almost 2000 new followers, while Selin Mengu amassed 3,090 new fans, taking her to 76,779.

Al Perkins gained 600 new followers.

There are several key factors contributing to the stars' loss of followers each day.

A social media manager told Yahoo Lifestyle it was normal for fans to slowly unfollow reality TV stars as the hype dies down and they realise they aren't interested in their day-to-day content.

"Another reason is people quickly grow tired of seeing sponsored posts and adverts in their news feeds," the social media manager said.

"Influencers have to work hard to balance their monetised content alongside organic posts if they want to sustain their following, and still grow it post-show.”

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