MAFS' Brent responds to rumours he's no longer friends with Al

The friendship between Brent Vitiello and Al Perkins was one of the strongest relationships to come out of Married At First Sight this year, but for the past few weeks there has been plenty of speculation that they may have fallen out.

Fans have noticed that the pair haven’t been spending as much time together recently and they’ve both removed the tag for their joint Instagram account, ‘The Life of Brent and Al’, from their bios.

MAFS' Al Perkins and Brent Vitiello.
MAFS’ Brent Vitiello has responded to rumours that he and Al Perkins have fallen out. Photos: Instagram/brentleon_

Brent and Al first launched the joint social media venture in April and used it as a platform to share their adventures with fans, however, there have been no new posts on the page since July 5.

Now, Brent has spoken with Yahoo Lifestyle about the rumours, admitting that there has been drama behind-the-scenes but they're definitely still good friends.

The 33-year-old explained that he recently left his management company THE.mgmt, which the pair both joined after their season wrapped, but Al has remained with them.


“‘The Life of Brent and Al’ is on hold until we find out what we can do [together] contractually, which is why we haven't been posting,” he said, adding that several of their joint ventures may not happen now.

When asked why he left the management company, Brent explained: “Their views didn’t align with mine and we wanted different things. It created tension and I wanted to go out on my own.”

Brent is now representing himself going forward and has changed his business contact on his Instagram to his personal email address.

MAFS’ Brent Vitiello and Al Perkins wearing Valianu hoodies.
Brent and Al will soon release a line of limited edition hoodies that they’ve designed themselves. Photo: Instagram/brentleon_

Brent and Al’s merch range

Brent’s update comes shortly after he and Al revealed the first look at their upcoming range of merchandise, which was announced back in June.

The duo are collaborating with luxury streetwear brand Valianu on a line of limited edition hoodies that they've designed themselves and reference some of their most iconic moments from MAFS.

While Al’s hoodie is dedicated to his love of shoeys, Brent’s pokes fun at his relationship with Tamara Djordjevic.

His hoodie features his iconic line, ‘Good luck and good riddance’, which is what he told Tamara at the Final Vows before storming off.

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