MAFS spoiler: Leaked snaps reveal Lyndall and Cam's fate

It looks like the Married At First Sight couple have split.

MAFS couple Lyndall Grace and Cameron Dunne connected instantly at the altar and have quickly become fan favourites. Viewers have been won over by Lyndall’s sweet nature, and many have swooned at the thought of her finally being able to find love. The 27-year-old is living with cystic fibrosis and was previously told she would have a life expectancy of 30.

She had accepted that she would likely never marry or have children, until the introduction of a new drug added decades to her life expectancy. The accountant is quickly falling in love with Cameron on our screens, and many fans have been jokingly tweeting the couple has made them “believe in love again”.

L: MAFS couple Lyndall and Cam at the dinner party. R: Cam out in a pub after work
MAFS couple Lyndall and Cam look like they're no longer together. Photo: Nine & Supplied

Her ‘husband’ Cameron has also admitted he had been struggling to find love, as the carpenter lives in a remote part of the Northern Territory to work with Indigenous communities.

While viewers have been rooting for the loved-up pair to make it, a handful of fans have revealed clues that hint the couple are no longer together.


The FIFO worker has been spotted multiple times in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory over January and February, but Lyndall has remained in Perth.

A video of Cam drinking in a local pub after work one evening has sent fans into overdrive, with many speculating the couple has called it quits.

Two photos of Cam in a pub after work
Cam has been spotted without his 'wife' in Alice Springs. Photo: Supplied

Leaked pictures of Lyndall reveal surprising truth

This comes after snaps of Lyndall proved she’s different from other brides on the show.

While other brides live for the drama caused on the show, Lyndall is the complete opposite. During one upcoming dinner party filmed in September, the bride was photographed seemingly removing herself as drama started.


Two photos of Lyndall playing with a ball and reading a book
MAFS contestant Lyndall was seen removing herself from any drama at a dinner party. Photo: Supplied

Instead of joining in the arguing, Lyndall was snapped across the room by the window, reading a book, playing with a ball and looking out at the view.

A show insider told Yahoo Lifestyle, "Lyndall is unlike the rest of the brides and really went on for the right reasons. She had no interest joining in when everyone was fighting and didn't want to be around the negativity."

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