MAFS’ Selin hits back at her on-screen edit: ‘There’s much more’

After being labelled by fans as this year’s villain, Married At First Sight bride Selin Mengu has now hit back at the way her tumultuous relationship with Anthony Cincotta has been portrayed on TV so far.

The 32-year-old spoke candidly with paparazzi about her ‘edit’ while attending a Sydney cast party over the weekend, and suggested that key scenes may have been cut to paint her in a bad light.

MAFS' Selin Mengu wearing a colourful dress in Sydney.
MAFS bride Selin Mengu has hit back at her on-screen edit. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

“I can't agree with what people are saying, but they haven't seen the full picture,” she said about the public’s response,

“My reaction is my reaction, but it's not to what you've seen. There's much more [that has been cut from the show].”

Selin enjoyed a night out with fellow participants Jack Millar, Al Perkins, Brent Vitiello, Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco on Saturday night at Sinaloa in Sydney’s Double Bay.

An inside source has since spoken with Yahoo Lifestyle about the situation and claims that the TV bride is “telling all of her friends that she’s been stitched up”.

“Yeah she said some things she regrets, but a lot of the context behind her remarks have been cut from the show,” they added.

“She thinks producers are purposely erasing any footage that paints Anthony as anything but an angel to build up her villain narrative more.”

MAFS' Selin Mengu arm in arm with fellow participants Jack Millar and Al Perkins.
Selin attended a Sydney cast party over the weekend. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

After a rocky start to their marriage with an uncomfortable honeymoon and an even more awkward dinner party, tensions between Selin and Anthony reached boiling point during Confessions Week.

The pair were tasked with the photo ranking challenge - where Selin placed her ‘husband’ in fifth place in order of attractiveness - and began arguing over the fact that he had left their honeymoon one day early.


The couple both chose to ‘stay’ in the experiment during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, although Selin wrote her answer in tiny font size.

Upon the experts’ instructions, they are now moving into the same apartment for Intimacy Week in the hopes that they can rekindle their relationship.

MAFS' Selin Mengu and Anthony Cincotta at the commitment ceremony.
Selin has had a rocky start to the experiment with her husband Anthony Cincotta. Photo: Channel Nine

'I've owned everything'

Selin’s comments come shortly after fellow bride Domenica Calarco, who is paired with Jack Millar in the experiment, admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle that she has no fears of being portrayed in a negative light on TV.

“I know my story and how Jack and I's journey in the experiment was, and I was never worried about ‘the edit’ because I know the person that I am and I’m proud of the person I am and I've owned everything and I think that's the beauty of the experiment,” she said.

“If you just kind of own who you are, then there's no such thing as a bad edit. So I'm really proud of how I've come across and Jack and I’s journey so far. I'm so proud.”

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