MAFS' Samantha reveals what fans didn't see after the mass walkout

It was one of the most jaw-dropping moments in Married At First Sight history when Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes gatecrashed Sunday night’s commitment ceremony and came clean about their affair, but it appears as though viewers didn’t get to see everything that went down during filming.

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle following the episode, fellow bride Samantha Moitzi opens up about the pair’s shock arrival and what really happened when the cast stormed off set in protest.

MAFS' Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos walking in together.
MAFS bride Samantha Moitzi (bottom left) was clearly shocked when Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos walked in together. Photo: Channel Nine

“So Carolina and Daniel walked in and I was like, ‘Is this a joke?’” she recalls.

“We were just so confused. It was so random because we didn’t even know they were friends, so to see them hand in hand was just so bizarre. And you just never know with production, but the experts seemed to be just as shocked.”

As for why the cast was so “pissed off”, Samantha explains that they all believed the couple only wanted to return to the experiment so they could get more airtime.

“If you really liked each other, wouldn't you just leave the experiment and pursue your relationship and go, you know what, we found love because we met each other on MAFS and we built this friendship and then a relationship,” she says.


“But the way they went about it was just so performative and we were all just annoyed. And also, in previous seasons almost every cheating couple has been allowed to continue. We were just all really working ourselves up because we were like, if these people are staying, we are going.”

Speaking about cheating scandals in past seasons, Samantha believed prior to the incident that this year’s experiment was going to be a rare occurrence where no one strayed from their partner.

“I literally was like, we’ve got enough drama,” she laughs.

“Everyone asks, ‘Is there a wine thrower?’ Like no, we had a glass smasher. I was like, we’ve got the drama so we don’t need a cheating scandal, I think we’ve one upped a cheating scandal. But no no no, not at all. We got crazy, we got smashing, we got cheating, we got a nude. We got it all.”

MAFS' Samantha Moitzi next to Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos.
Samantha describes Daniel and Carolina’s commitment ceremony arrival as ‘performative’. Photo: Channel Nine

‘We had to go back inside’

Almost immediately after Daniel and Carolina expressed their desire to re-enter the experiment and receive guidance from the experts, the Brazilian-born bride’s ‘husband’ Dion Giannarelli got up from his seat and walked off.

A majority of the participants then followed him out the door, which Samantha explains was because they wanted to show their support for Dion, but they were quickly reprimanded.

“We all love Dion, so pretty much all of us got up and protested. Plus I've been cheated on before so I was triggered by the whole thing,” she adds.

“We were all just like, ‘This is a joke, we’re not watching this’, but then the producers were like, ‘Well you have to so just sit back down or you won’t be able to leave’, so we had to go back inside.

“But I think about it now like, if we didn’t react that way, I wonder if the experts would have allowed them to stay. I think all of us making a stand was ammunition for the experts to be like, nope, not happening.”

MAFS cast walking off set.
Samantha says the cast was quickly told they had to go back inside after walking off set. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Too dramatic’

While Daniel and Carolina have seemingly confirmed that they are still an item post-show, with Yahoo Lifestyle recently obtaining photos of the pair looking loved up at Sydney airport, Samantha maintains her belief that it’s all for show.

“I just think it's performative. Like yeah, okay, they can be together now, but they always say that relationships end the way they start, so I don’t there’s any longevity,” she says.

“If they’re happy, they’re happy, but I don’t think anyone really speaks to them. I stay in contact with Dion, but not them. I don't need that kind of toxicity in my life, it’s a little too dramatic.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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