MAFS' Daniel and Carolina confirm 'secret' romance with airport PDA

MAFS' Daniel and Carolina's 'secret affair' is just starting to play out on the show after viewers watched them meet up at the groom's apartment on Monday night's episode.

While Carolina insisted she needed to see how things play out with her 'husband' Dion, it's become clear things will really heat up between she and Daniel, with the pair having already been spotted together on numerous occasions after the show finished filming.

MAFS' Daniel and Carolina
MAFS' Daniel and Carolina have confirmed their 'secret' romance continues after the show after being spotted at the airport together. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

In photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, the couple was recently spotted at Sydney airport looking very cosy together.

Carolina and Daniel were seen holding hands as they walked through the terminal, occasionally stopping to engage in some PDA.


Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle exclusively last week, Carolina hinted at a 'cheating scandal' on the show.

MAFS Daniel and Carolina walk through airport
Daniel and Carolina weren't hiding their romance when spotted at the airport. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS' Daniel and Carolina kiss at airport
The pair would occasionally stop and engage in some PDA. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

"The rumours may or may not be true, so I guess you’ll have to wait and see. Let's hope so because, you know, there has to be one every season otherwise it's too boring," she told us.

The pair first struck up a friendship at their first dinner party where Daniel's 'wife' Jessica was slammed for the way she was treating him.

Carolina told Daniel she was there for him if he ever needed a friend in the experiment.

MAFS Daniel and Carolina at airport
The pair's cheating scandal kicked off on Monday night when they caught up for a glass of wine together. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS' Daniel and Carolina at Qantas terminal
Carolina previously told us the season would be 'too boring' without a cheating scandal. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Obviously, this 'friendship' worked out quite well for the pair, who were also spotted together last week.

During their catch up on Monday night's episode, the pair enjoyed a glass of wine with Daniel hinting they would be better matched.

"Cheers to broken marriages," he says, while Carolina responds, "I’d like to think mine still has a chance."

She then begins unleashing about Dion, telling Daniel, "He doesn’t go to the gym, he listens to 80s music. He's never been to the gym."

When asked what kind of guy she asked for, Carolina tells him, "Tall guy, nice smile, nice teeth."

MAFS' Carolina smiles at Daniel
They were all smiles together as they waited for their flight. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Daniel smiles and tells her, "My teeth are porcelain."

"And I asked for someone who I can have a good time with," she says, with Daniel smirking and clinking their wine glasses, adding, "And have a wine with?"

"What are you trying to do here?" Carolina giggles. "This is so bad, oh my god."

"All I know is, I’m gonna be around Sydney for a bit … hanging out," he tells her.

MAFS' Dion
Dion is seen in the preview saying he's leaving. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS' Carolina and Daniel at gym
In a preview for the next episodes, Carolina and Daniel are seen meeting behind Dion's back at the gym. Photo: Nine

In a preview for the next episodes, Carolina and Daniel are seen meeting behind Dion's back at the gym.

She is then seen telling Dion she doesn't want to be with him with the groom telling her, "I'm going."

Daniel was previously based in Brisbane, but has seemingly been staying at Carolina's Sydney apartment.

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