MAFS' Daniel slams show while defending new girlfriend Carolina: 'A joke'

Married At First Sight intruder Daniel Holmes has gone rogue and blasted the reality TV show after his new girlfriend Carolina Santos was ambushed by her fellow participants during Wednesday night’s explosive dinner party.

The Brazilian-born bride arrived by herself at the event after her on-screen ‘husband’ Dion Giannarelli had already turned the other couples against her by detailing their tumultuous relationship.

MAFS’ Daniel Holmes.
MAFS' Daniel Holmes has gone rogue and slammed the show as ‘a joke’. Photo: Channel Nine

“Every time I wanted to go try and do something she’d shut it down,” Dion said. “I wanted to go down to Bondi and she was more concerned about having 60,000 followers and being seen with me.”

He continued: “Every morning, quite early, she’ll be putting rap music on really loud and then telling me she does that to piss me off.”

Daniel, who was previously paired on the show with Jessica Seracino and is now involved in an ‘affair’ with Carolina, was quick to defend the 33-year-old and call the cast “dorks” in a video obtained by Daily Mail.


“So Andrew [Davis] walks in the dinner party, talks a little bit about Holly [Greenstein] and apparently is throwing her under the bus,” he says.

“Selin [Mengu] walks in and talks about how she feels about Anthony [Cincotta] and apparently she's throwing him under the bus. Dion walks in and absolutely roasts Carolina to all these dorks, and she is the worst of all time and Dion is a hero.”

The 30-year-old went on to further slam the experiment and remark that the show’s narratives are “a joke”.

“If only you knew, if only you knew the truth,” he added.

MAFS’ Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos kissing at the airport.
Daniel and Carolina have confirmed their 'secret' romance continues after the show after being spotted at the airport together. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

The clip of Daniel comes shortly after Yahoo Lifestyle obtained photos of himself and Carolina at Sydney airport looking very cosy together, seemingly confirming that they are still an item.

The pair were seen holding hands as they walked through the terminal, occasionally stopping to engage in some PDA.

Carolina previously spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about what’s to come this season and hinted at being involved in a ‘cheating scandal’.

“The rumours may or may not be true, so I guess you’ll have to wait and see. Let's hope so because, you know, there has to be one every season otherwise it's too boring," she said.

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