Abbie Chatfield slams Jimmy and Holly's ‘problematic’ OnlyFans video

Abbie Chatfield has called out Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston for “shaming sex workers” and being “problematic and misogynistic” in their recent post about OnlyFans.

The Bachelor couple, who found love on last year’s season of the dating show, posted an Instagram video on Tuesday sharing their candid opinion on the growing number of reality TV stars joining the adult subscription-only website.

The Bachelor's Jimmy Nicholson, Holly Kingston and Abbie Chatfield.
Abbie Chatfield has slammed Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston for ‘shaming sex workers’ in their recent post about OnlyFans. Photos: Instagram/hollykingston / abbiechatfield

“My problem with it is that people are sort of saying that they’re doing it because it’s female empowerment or male empowerment, and I think that’s a load of crap, personally,” Jimmy said.

“I think you should be a role model to the future generations. If you want to celebrate male or female empowerment, start a charity, donate to breast cancer awareness or prostate cancer awareness. Do these things.

“I think it’s a way to grab money, and [you should] think about the example you’re setting for the future generations, for your kids when they’re in school.”


The post quickly divided social media users, with several people praising them for voicing their opinion while others blasted them out for being “tone-deaf” and “privileged”.

Holly then doubled down on the controversial stance and shared a follow-up Instagram Story the next day highlighting the large number of positive messages she has received.

“Empowerment comes in all forms, not just doing something you feel pressured to do because reality TV stars are doing it. If you want to get an OF, get an OF, if you don't, don’t,” she wrote.

“Just like one has a choice to be pro this concept, we have a choice to speak about our reasons for it not being on our radar. If we felt pressured (as people who have come off reality TV) to do something against our values, we imagine some young people are feeling that same pressure… Hence why we spoke out.

“99% of the thousands of messages we’ve received have been completely in support of the message we were trying to get across, although we appreciate that some people may not agree with this stance.”

Holly Kingston Instagram Story.
‘Empowerment comes in all forms, not just doing something you feel pressured to do because reality TV stars are doing it.’ Photo: Instagram/hollykingston

‘Really completely disagree’

Abbie Chatfield then took to her own Instagram Story on Wednesday afternoon to deconstruct the pair’s video and explained that she had waited to speak out about it because she has a personal friendship with them.

She also shared a screenshot of a private message she had sent to Holly just a few minutes after their video went live on Tuesday evening in the hopes that they would “sit and think about what they posted and hopefully post an apology”.

“Babe, only say this because I like you guys but this is extremely slut shamey and the opposite of progression,” she wrote in the DM. “Really completely disagree with this and it made me really uncomfortable.

“Having nudes doesn’t make you any less or any more of a role model. Sex work is real work and should be respected. As influencers, I’d hope you would be role models in not shaming marginalised communities.

“People could say the same about influencing, instead of spending time making content we should be donating to a charity. Also, those two things are not mutually exclusive. There are a million things I could say but if you're getting backlash right now, IMO it is warranted. Stuff like this is really worrying.”

Abbie Chatfield's Instagram Stories.
Abbie messaged Holly on Instagram and said that she completely disagrees with her and Jimmy’s stance on OnlyFans. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

The Masked Singer panellist went on to tell her followers exactly what she found to be so wrong with Jimmy and Holly’s video.

“The tone of voice of like, ‘no judgement, but here's our judgement’ is obviously not ideal,” she began.

“But no one actually asked you guys what you thought the morality around OnlyFans or sex work was, they asked if you would do it. And to be honest, I don't think anyone really cared that much. This kind of felt like a vessel to speak about your dismissal of people who do OnlyFans.”

She added that she couldn’t see how people leveraging their newfound fame to make money on the X-rated platform was any different from reality TV stars earning cash through social media.

“I'm not saying influencers are the same as sex workers at all, but I'm saying in this regard of saying your issue is people are leveraging on their reality TV experience in order to make money, if we put it down to that basic, I don't see how influencing in that regard is any different,” Abbie continued.

“I don’t see why people shouldn’t have the opportunity to leverage off something to earn money. Just because you guys don’t want to do it, that’s fine, but basically what you’re saying is like, ‘Guys, no judgment but if you do this, not good’. You’ve just leveraged off your reality TV experience, which is exactly what all of us have f**king done.”

The Bachelor's Jimmy Nicholson, Holly Kingston and Abbie Chatfield.
Abbie has unfollowed both Jimmy and Holly on Instagram following the incident. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Jimmy calls Abbie

A few hours later, Abbie claimed that Jimmy had called her while she was recording her national radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield and they shared some tense words.

“Basically, he said I should have given him a heads up, as though I didn't message them within seven minutes of them posting that and give them all night and the next morning to retract it and apologise and learn,” she said.

“So yeah, there was a long conversation had... Let me just say the tone of voice was what I imagine a dad getting you in trouble is like, but jokes on you because I’ve never had a dad so I don’t react to that kind of stuff.”

Abbie has since unfollowed both Jimmy and Holly on Instagram, although they are still following her at the time of writing.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Jimmy Nicholson for further comment.

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