MAFS' Olivia shocks with X-rated secrets: 'Sex tape disaster'

MAFS star Olivia Frazer has revealed some more steamy X-rated secrets about her relationship with Jackson Lonie.

During an Instagram Q&A, the star admitted that she has made a sex tape with boyfriend Jackson, and laid out future plans for her OnlyFans account.

Left: MAFS star Olivia Frazer takes a photo of herself in black lingerie with two emoji hearts covering her nipples. Right: Olivia Frazer wears a floral sheer orange, red and yellow bikini.
MAFS star Olivia Frazer has made a sex tape with boyfriend Jackson Lonie. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

‘Sex tape disaster’

Olivia raised eyebrows when she decided to join the adult subscription website OnlyFans, but it turned out well, with the star earning an eye-watering $10,000 in her first 12 hours on the platform. Since then, Olivia has shared that she’s now in the top 0.01 per cent of all creators.

When asked if she’d ever consider making a sex tape with Jackson, the star laughed and said the pair have already made one — but nobody will ever get to see it.


“I was never ever, ever, ever going to let this story see the light of day, but it’s so funny,” she told fans. “We filmed a sex tape before I left Aus, and it was a disaster,” she said, before bursting into laughter.

“Yes, would consider doing a sex tape, did consider doing a sex tape, did the sex tape and it was a disaster. So that idea is going back in the drawer.”

Left question reads 'Would you consider doing a sex video' over a picture of Olivia's face, and right question reads 'Would you collab girl, girl, on onlyfans in the future, over a picture of Olivia's face
The star held a Q&A on Instagram for her fans. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

Her 'tricky' OnlyFans decision

The star also opened up about what kind of content is off limits for her on OnlyFans, and surprised fans with her answer.

“This is tricky, because I don’t want to say like, ‘I’ll never do that’, and then who knows, in a few weeks, a year, or whatever I might do it.

“When I started OnlyFans I was like, ‘Lingerie only! No nudes’, then it took me like two days and I was like ‘Yeah! Get my tits out!’,” she explained.

Olivia also mentioned that the couple won't be doing any ‘collabs’ with other OnlyFans stars, calling her relationship with Jackson ‘very monogamous’.

Olivia and Jackson kiss in a restaurant
Olivia is planning on making racy content with her boyfriend Jackson. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

OnlyFans leaks 'scare' her

The reason Olivia was labelled the ‘villain’ on MAFS earlier this year was due to showing fellow MAFS stars a nude photo of bride Domenica Calarco. There was a huge public backlash and Domenica responded by wearing a t-shirt that said, “My body, my choice.”

It came as no surprise when people leaked Olivia’s private OnlyFans content, and shock jock Kyle Sandilands even showed an explicit clip to Domenica and Ella Ding while live on air.

The former bride admits that people sharing her OnlyFans content is scary, saying that people are ‘gross’ and have been sending family members her X-rated content.

However, It hasn’t turned her away from the platform with the 27-year-old making a fortune and planning to offer some ‘custom content’ starting at the end of July.

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