MAFS' Olivia Frazer cops brutal message from Instagram

Married at First Sight star Olivia Frazer has suffered a social media blow after she was banned from posting live videos on Instagram.

The season nine 'villain' often answers her followers' questions in her Instagram Lives, usually while putting her make-up on.

She has also used her lives to dish on MAFS controversies and answer questions about fellow contestants and her recent split from her co-star Jackson Lonie.

A notification from Instagram informing Olivia Frazer she is blocked from sharing live videos.
Olivia Frazer received a notification informing her she was temporarily blocked from sharing live videos. Source: Instagram

Posting on her Instagram Stories last week, the star shared a notification from Instagram that popped up when she attempted to start a live, saying: "Blocked from sharing live video."

"Posts from your account have recently been removed for going against our Community Guidelines, so live video sharing has been temporarily blocked," the pop-up read.


Obviously frustrated by the decision, Olivia simply captioned the screenshot with the word, "Cute".

The latest blow comes after the reality star was banned from TikTok in July.

Olivia Frazer in a selfie.
Olivia Frazer was also banned from TikTok earlier this year. Source: Instagram

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the star said, "My TikTok got deleted."

"Probably for the best," she added at the time.

"I'm just going to leave it deleted."

Olivia Frazer teases new romance

The ban comes after the OnlyFans creator teased a new romance just over a month after her relationship with Jackson ended.

Taking to Instagram last week, the 29-year-oldn spoke openly about her dating life, her ‘mystery man’ and moving on from Jackson in a candid Q&A.

Olivia first revealed that her new love interest is someone that she has known “for a long time” and they recently reconnected.

Olivia Frazer captions a picture on Instagram with the story of how she met her 'mystery man'.
Olivia Frazer has teased a new romance on Instagram. Source: Instagram

“I met him working in a restaurant when I was 21. I had such a crush. I used to work late to catch up with him,” she said.

While she refused to share his name, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that the mystery man is a well-known Australian athlete. It’s believed that Olivia is keeping his identity a secret for now so her public profile doesn’t impact his career.

A source told us: “They’ve known each other for years and used to be neighbours, but it’s only now they’re both single and finally exploring their connection. She’s told friends he is supportive of her doing OnlyFans but wouldn’t ever collaborate with her on content.”

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