MAFS 2023: First trailer reveals emotional groom in tears at wedding

Season ten of Married At First Sight is still months away from airing on TV, but Channel Nine has given fans a glimpse at what to expect and unveiled the first official trailer.

The teaser, which premiered at the network’s Upfronts event on Wednesday evening, shows a rather emotional groom breaking down in tears while reading his vows to his bride at their wedding.

MAFS 2023 groom and bride.
Channel Nine has unveiled the first official trailer for MAFS season ten. Photos: Channel Nine

Standing at the altar in a pink suit with a black shirt and tie and long hair styled in a man bun, the participant opens up about his struggles to find love.

“Believe me when I say this is the best point in time for someone to be snatching me up,” he says.


“I don’t know where love has been hiding all these years… And I don’t know what more I can do to make my light any easier for love to find, because I swear I’m shining so brightly.”

The bride, who is wearing a strapless wedding gown with a pearl necklace and earrings and bright red lipstick, then slowly nods her head and replies: “F**k yeah you are.”

Who are the new cast members?

Although the trailer didn’t name the new cast members, the groom has already been identified as Perth MC and wedding celebrant Jesse Burford.

Daily Mail reports that he is a well-known rocker in the metalcore music scene, and his friends describe him as “super chilled, considerate, honest and down to earth”.

Meanwhile, Jesse’s bride has been identified as Melbourne childcare worker Claire Nomarhas, whose friends describe her as a “firecracker”.

The trailer also features Brisbane-based influencer and beautician Melinda Willis, Perth-born make-up artist and TikTok star Janelle Han, and Sydney construction worker Harrison Boon.

Next year’s season of MAFS currently has no premiere date, although it’s expected to air after the Australian Open in January.

MAFS 2023 participants Janelle Han and Harrison Boon.
Next year’s season will feature an influencer, TikTok star and construction worker. Photos: Channel Nine

What else do we know about the new season?

The first look comes shortly after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that Channel Nine bosses are finding it hard to sell advertisements and partnerships for the new season of MAFS.

According to a source, the network is missing out on revenue because the show is “too controversial for many family-friendly brands to be associated with”.

“The ratings may be great but many big brands don’t want to go near Married At First Sight as it’s too controversial and doesn’t align with their values as a business,” they told us.

“The growing, and highly publicised, trend of past participants turning to porn and sex work is one of the main reasons many family-friendly brands are staying clear.”

Another source added: “What was once a show about people finding love is now seen by most Australians as a stepping stone into sex work.”

When asked for comment, Channel Nine denied the claims and labelled them as "utterly baseless”.

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